'Healthy Living for Summer': The effects of alcohol

Looking at myths and facts on alcohol and how it can affect your health.

— -- Alcohol can be a tricky topic. If you choose to drink it, what is an appropriate amount? Is red wine better than white? What if you drink liquor? Like with most things when it comes to health, everybody's body is different.

In the ninth episode of ABC News' "Healthy Living for Summer" series, we turned to Dr. Ravi Dave, the director of Interventional Cardiology at UCLA Health, for advice when it comes to consuming alcohol.

Dr. Dave discussed wine, beer and liquor with ABC News. For more, watch the video above or read below.

Quick tips

  • Stay hydrated with water
  • Know your limits and drink in moderation -- alcohol affects people differently depending on their size
  • Alcohol is measured differently in terms of one drink (wine is 4 ounces, beer is 12 ounces), so keep track of how much you're drinking
  • You can get antioxidants from wine, but also from other foods
  • If you don't drink now, there is no recommendation to start drinking for any kind of benefit
  • Watch ABC News discuss alcohol and its impact on health in the video above.
    This weekly health series will continue throughout the summer.