Meet Ginger Zee's New Baby Boy, Adrian
Dec. 22, 2015

Baby Zee Has Arrived!
Dec. 20, 2015

ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee and her husband, Ben Aaron, have welcomed their first child, a healthy baby boy.

Zee, 34, gave birth to Adrian Benjamin Colonomos at 11:05 a.m. on Saturday in New York City. The baby weighed in at 7 pounds, 8 ounces. Click here to read more.

Ginger Zee's Maternity Leave Surprise Send-Off!
Dec. 18, 2015

My Hips Are Killing Me
Dec. 8, 2015

Saturday night we had a few friends over for dinner. I was standing in the kitchen cooking for a few hours and my hips started aching terribly. I thought it was all the standing, until I woke up Sunday and it felt like my legs were dislocated from my body. (It almost felt like I had joints like Barbie's that you can snap off).

Then I realized it was because of the baby’s positioning. I had my 37 week appointment and my baby boy is still breech, but now his bottom is lodged in my pelvis and his head is positioned under my right ribs and feet under my left ribs. He’s basically in a “v” position and "quite a healthy size," according to my doctor. His position, plus the fact that I don't have a ton of extra fluid made a version (a procedure where the doctor manually tries to flip the baby from the outside) less advisable. I've researched acupuncture and the Webster technique used by chiropractors to turn babies, but the odds seem low, my doctor says, that this big boy will turn.

So, we scheduled a C-section! I'm going to have this baby in less than two weeks!

Until then, I'm just dealing with the serious hip pain. Have you had a similar experience? Anything to ease the hip pain? Let me know on Twitter @ginger_zee or on

My Baby Bump Magic Trick
Dec. 7, 2015

Dealing With Baby Back Pain
Dec. 3, 2015

So many folks are worried about me still being in heels. I have news: I wear them for a total of 11 minutes each day. Those heels are off any time I'm not on screen, I promise! Safety and comfort are paramount and I know they don't help with pregnant back pain.

My back pain has improved significantly thanks to manipulation and stretching by a chiropractor. I've been eating meals sitting up, enjoying sitting at work and overall had a better pregnancy.

However, my friend Sara Haines, who was on the show with me today, is about two to three months behind me in her pregnancy and I told her to ditch the heels stat!

We shared stories as 70 percent of pregnant women deal with back pain, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

There are many causes and many solutions! Check out my story:

My Baby’s Upside Down
Nov. 30, 2015

He's upside down!

Like, the wrong upside down. I went to the doctor this week at 36 weeks and my baby has his head about as far from my cervix as he can possibly get it. His head is right under my sternum. His bum on my right side and his legs are stretched straight across with feet on my left. He's breech and in a pike position. Coincidentally that was my exact position when I was in my mother’s womb!

My doctor said we can wait a week and see if he naturally flips. If he doesn't, she gave me two options to consider: she could do a version (a procedure where she manually tries to flip him from the outside) or I can just schedule a C-section and call it good.

She also offered that many women opt for an epidural when they get the version because it is so painful. My goodness -- these are my options?!

I said I would go into this last month with an open mind and heart, not expecting anything so I wouldn't be disappointed if he didn't come out perfectly in three pushes, but the thought of my doctor temporarily numbing me from chest down to try to flip him and then have the potential of him flipping back or even worse, getting stressed and needing an emergency C-section ... it started to make this all feel so real.

My gut tells me while the C-section is major surgery, I may prefer it. Less stress for all involved. I guess it's not even up to me until we see what baby does a week from today!

Did you have a breech baby? Did you try a version? Tell me your story on Twitter @ginger_zee or on

Thank You to All the Pregnant Women
Nov. 24, 2015

I asked Ben, my husband, to write a blog post to add his perspective on our pregnancy journey. This is what he wrote. And yes, I am a lucky woman.

When Ginger asked me to contribute a post to her blog, I thought long and hard about what the topic would be. Yet after sifting through themes like diaper changing and learning what a “Peepee Teepee” was (hint: it has nothing to do with Native American culture), I realized the subject of this post would be simple. It's thank you.

Yes, on behalf of every man on Earth, I would like to say thank you to all the pregnant, once-pregnant or soon-to-be-pregnant women around the world. Thank you for dealing with sudden weight change, morning sickness and bloating. Thank you for having to constantly deal with doctors poking and prodding areas of your body you would rather keep to yourselves. Thank you for maintaining your sanity, or at least attempting to maintain your sanity, while your hormones fluctuate more than a shopper on Black Friday. Thank you for doing all this and more, because I know for a fact, that we men could never do it.

Just the mere thought of giving birth makes me want to hide in the corner and rock back and forth. But you all do it and have done it since the beginning of time. I know simply having a baby is such an incredible gift, but there should be an additional reward for giving birth, like a new car or set of steak knives.

Now, don't get me wrong, I have met many women who say that being pregnant was the most wonderful and enjoyable experience of their lives…they obviously have never been to Six Flags. I am simply writing from personal experiences, seeing my wife's belly move like a massage chair at Brookstone can be a little daunting...for both of us. But she is tough, much tougher than I am. And no matter how much she doesn't believe me when I say it, she is the most beautiful woman I know, pregnant or not. I am lucky to have her and so is our son, I just hope he takes after her.

Ben Aaron, Ginger Zee’s husband is the host of “Crazy Talk” and a reporter on WNBC’s “New York Live.”

Inside Ginger Zee’s Baby Nursery
Nov. 19, 2015

"GMA” celebrated its 40th anniversary with a 40-hour, non-stop livestream and Ginger Zee and her husband, Ben Aaron, joined in on the fun. The couple, along with dog Otis, Skyped into the livestream show from their New York City apartment and gave viewers a tour of their baby-to-be’s nursery, which includes a cumulus cloud mobile and the picture book, “Otis and the Tornado.” (How perfect is that?) Watch it all in the clip below:

The Jury Duty Pregnancy Blues
Nov. 4, 2015

The uncomfortable part of pregnancy is coming on strong. I thought I might be immune to it, but it turns out I'm not. As I sit here in hour seven of jury duty, I can feel and think about everything...

My swelling feet to my rubbing thighs.

My underwear doesn't fit right anymore.

The only fabric I can comfortably dress in is cotton jersey.

I'm leaking from almost everywhere.

My back is still painful when I sit and I've started finding myself out of breath for no good reason.

His little feet are poking out at the top of my belly, often giving me recurring acid reflux moments. My mind constantly races with the potential horrors of labor and delivery and the reality that in less than two months I'll actually be a mother.

Despite all of that, I wouldn't trade it for the world. I've been lucky so far this pregnancy and know it could have been so much worse. I am elated that we were able to conceive and so grateful that I have never had morning sickness. I am eternally thankful that I'll be bringing my son into a loving marriage where we have the means and love to give him everything he deserves and more.

Every ache and pain is now a reminder of how lucky I am and how excited I am that I get the chance to be a mother. I know there are great challenges in parenthood ahead but I can already feel the pride and joy washing over everything, making it all alright.

Oh goodness, now I'm going to cry! I hope the jury duty folks hear me weeping and dismiss me soon.

‘If Peeing Your Pants Is Cool…’
Nov. 1, 2015

"If peeing your pants is cool, consider me Miles Davis." -- Senior pilgrim lady, “Billy Madison.”

That's been one of the most quotable lines from the ‘90s classic “Billy Madison,” but I never thought I would be saying it as often as I have been lately.

I was warned going into this whole pregnancy thing that I would have to pee more often, but no one emphasized just how much more often. My goodness! As I close in on the last seven weeks of my pregnancy, this little boy must be bouncing on my bladder. I wake up at least once every night rushing to the toilet, and during the day it's almost laughable how much I go.
Not only do I have the frequent urination, but at this point, every sneeze or sudden laugh is frightening.

I work with some funny people and my husband does comedy for a living, so I walk around scared I'm going to pee my pants.

For the record, this hasn't happened yet, but I've had some close calls.
This has to get better post-baby, right? Some people say it stays with them! Let me know your experience on Twitter @ginger_zee or

Halloween With My Baby Bump
Oct. 30, 2015

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. Early on in my pregnancy, my husband and I thought about how we could dress up with my built-in prop of a belly, and we formulated a great plan. Fortunately, “GMA” producers liked the idea too!

See, at “GMA” I've had some pretty epic costumes for our Halloween show. There was “Sharknado” and Ariana Grande...

But this year, I needed to get creative with the bump. While there are some frightening suggestions online (i.e. baby coming out of belly with bloody arms), there have been some super creative Halloween maternity looks too.

We decided to try a few -- everything from Mr. Potato Head (bucket of parts not included) to the super simple and comfortable Pillsbury Doughboy – and it was hilariously fun.

Don’t worry, we used all-natural, safe paint on my belly, so there would be no risk to me or the baby. Speaking of the baby, I can't wait to dress him up next year!

Which costume is your favorite? Have you rocked a maternity Halloween look or seen a fun and a creative idea out there? Send me a message on Twitter @ginger_zee or on

See what costume I chose and what the entire "GMA" team dressed up as for Halloween this year in the clip below:

‘Let’s Talk Labor’: My IV Phobia
Oct. 22, 2015

The morning of my baby shower, I awoke to a notification from my pregnancy app: "You are getting close -- let’s talk labor."

At 30 weeks, it's a legitimate point. So, I started reading and quickly my arms started tingling and I became light-headed. The app was detailing step-by-step what will happen at the hospital and I couldn't get past step one: "A nurse will give you an IV."

An IV?! Why do I need an IV to give birth?! I started freaking out and getting myself so worked up. I kept repeating, “Cave women didn't have IVs! People that do home births don't have IVs! Why do I need one?”

Some background: I am a gigantic wuss when it comes to needles. Getting my blood taken or getting a shot are some of the greatest fears in life. Yes, this is coming from a woman who will skydive, hang glide, swim with sharks and rappel off buildings. There is nothing in the world that irks me more than a needle entering my body. Even writing about it now makes my hands weak and sets my arm aching in anticipation.

My mom explained that the IV is needed for labor just in case doctors needed to administer anything quickly in case of an emergency. I don't need to have something dripping into it necessarily, but there has to be a portal ready to go.

When I told this to my best friend who is an obstetrician, she laughed at me, and said an IV is the last thing I will be concentrating on when it comes to labor. She says I won't even notice it.

Do any of you have this phobia? Did you need the IV during labor? I am terrified.

Send me a message on Twitter @ginger_zee or on

The Truth About 'Baby Brain'
Oct. 21, 2015

Since I got pregnant, I have absolutely noticed a change in the way I think. I’ve been more forgetful and my memory just seems different. When I asked other moms and moms-to-be about this, they called the pregnancy phenomenon “baby brain,” or “mom-nesia,” and swore to have experienced it too. But is it real?

For “GMA,” I went through a series of tests to see whether we could prove any change in my cognitive memory function. Despite my perception of "baby brain," I passed the cognitive test with flying colors.

While there isn’t much science, there are factors during pregnancy like sleep deprivation, possible illness, stress, depression and anxiety that can affect memory. Some think that "mom-nesia" happens because the brain isn't getting enough blood flow, but that's a myth, ABC News’ senior medical contributor Dr. Jen Ashton explained.

There is no hard data and no brain or blood tests to say definitely that a woman has "baby brain," she said.

Watch Dr. Ashton and me get to the bottom of “baby brain”:

What do you think? Let me know on Twitter at @ginger_zee or find me on

Staying Fit While Pregnant
Oct. 16, 2015

My pre-pregnancy workouts were no joke. I was running, working with a trainer twice a week and doing yoga, cycling, boxing -- you name it! But as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I had to tell my trainer, Mark Langowski. I think he may have known even before my mom.

The first thing he told me: Get a heart rate monitor. Your blood volume changes immediately, well before you can even tell you are pregnant. I could feel it! I was suddenly getting winded doing things that wouldn't have fazed me before. So, during my workouts Mark made sure my heart rate remained below 145 beats per minute.

We took most movements with jumps of high impact and brought them down. We were still working compound muscle groups but without the intensity that would send my heart skyrocketing.

Here are some exercise modifications that you can do:

Instead of burpees, try a stable plank with alternating leg raise.

Instead of jump squats, try grounded squats with a light weight.

The other big tip in the first (and actually all) trimesters is to stay cool. You need your core temperature to stay in check for baby's safety.

Every trimester brings a new workout challenge. Once I hit the second trimester my body started getting used to the amount of blood it had to pump, and the big change then was staying off my back.

Langowski says as the weight of your uterus increases, so you don't want to lie on your back because it can cut off blood flow to the uterus and the baby. Instead of doing a bicycle twist for abs, we moved it all to planks and side planks.

By my third trimester, weight has really started to displace so we've worked on balance and staying safe in all exercises.

Most importantly, we avoid contact sports and any exercise with a risk of falling.

And it turns out that this is all what the doctor ordered and it will hopefully help me on delivery day and beyond!

ABC News’ Dr. Jennifer Ashton says women who get pregnant can and should safely exercise and be active, fit and strong in order to benefit themselves and the baby.

And according to an article published this month in the Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica (a Nordic medical journal), regular exercise – especially during the second and third trimester – may increase a woman’s chance of having a vaginal delivery rather than a C-section.

What do you think? Let me know on Twitter at @ginger_zee or find me on

29 Weeks and Bumpin'!

Renting Designer Maternity Clothes
Oct. 13, 2015

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, my mind raced: Who would help us care for the baby? Was he healthy? How would we all fit in our tiny apartment? What would I wear?

Panic ensued as soon as I thought about the big job of dressing my bump for “GMA.” I had only weeks before my entire television wardrobe wouldn’t fit me. There is a common misconception that everyone on TV gets their clothes for free. In the news division, we are responsible for purchasing our wardrobe ourselves and cannot accept free clothing to be worn on air since they are considered gifts or endorsements.

Like most women, I want to stay fashionable during my pregnancy – and on TV, that means coming up with something new to wear every day for at least five months. I was still wearing my normal clothes -- or one size up -- until about 20 weeks in my pregnancy – before I entered the world of maternity clothing.

After doing some research for “GMA,” we found that the average woman spends about $600 to $800 on a maternity wardrobe and some spend up to $2,000. No one said being stylish was cheap!

I stumbled upon what I think is a genius idea -- rental maternity clothing. Le Tote, Belly Bump Boutique, and Mine for Nine are a few of the companies out there right now. I visited Mine for Nine, which rents all different labels of designer maternity wear for up to 75 percent off the retail price.

"Our average ticket runs between $90 and $100 and in that order, [a woman will] usually get four to five items," company founder Marisa Moss told us when I checked it out for “GMA.”

The process is simple. You select the clothes you want to rent, from dresses, to denim, casual tops, sweaters, even bathing suits. You can even order a second size for a nominal fee. Some of the items you can keep for two weeks or up to a month. And then you send them back in a pre-paid shipping envelope.

I see renting as a cost-effective resource for pregnant women who have a wedding to attend or want a really special item to wear for their own baby shower, but don’t want to accumulate a closet full of maternity clothes they might not wear again. Let's face it, even if I have the blessing of getting pregnant again someday, which could be years from now, fashion will change and where would I store it all?

For my baby shower, I just rented a stretchy, sheath dress for $48. I get to keep it for two weeks, so you'll be seeing it on TV too at some point soon. Do you like?

What was your relationship with maternity clothing? Would you rent? Let me know on Twitter at @ginger_zee or find me on

'Baby, Baby'! He Likes Music!
Oct. 12, 2015

We have been playing an eclectic playlist for our baby-to-be for the past few months. As a gift, I received Belly Buds, which are headphones for your belly that claim to be designed to make music safely reach your baby in the womb. The little boy inside me seems to be starting to respond!

Last night my husband Ben and I played Don Henley, Annie Lennox and Amy Grant for him. He started kicking feverishly when "Baby, Baby," by Amy Grant turned on, so he either hated it or loved it. I'm guessing it's excitement and joy. It's the same response I get after I consume sugar.

Other artists I’d say he has "liked" so far are Elvis, George Gershwin, Sugar Hill Gang, Van Morrison, Billy Joel, Mozart, The Outer Vibe, Miles Davis, Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, One Direction, Annie Lennox, Steve Winwood and as my husband says, "anything you would listen to in a dentist’s waiting room."

The music session has provided us with some quiet time to connect to our unborn baby and each other. Now that he is seemingly reacting, it's a lot of fun too.

Did you play music for your unborn baby? If so, did they seem to respond to certain group or voice? Let me know on Twitter at @ginger_zee or find me on

My Maternity Leave Lesson
Oct. 7, 2015

I'm learning a real lesson in maternity leave policy and the struggle of most American employees.

Netflix is one of the companies that made headlines over the summer for its policy of “unlimited” maternity and paternity leave, which far surpasses U.S. norms. Richard Branson's company, the U.K.-based Virgin Group, announced in June that it will permit 12 months of paid maternity and paternity leave in select international offices.

Aside from these recent examples, most American women are offered up to 12 weeks of leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act. That doesn't mean that time is paid. Just 12 weeks where your job is not at risk. Companies vary whether or not women are paid, and the type of delivery can also impact how long a woman is paid. Many offer six weeks paid for regular delivery and up to eight weeks paid for a C-section.

I am grateful that my company offers a six or eight week paid deal, depending on how I deliver, after hearing that isn't the case everywhere. There are so many women who need to return to work a week or two after they deliver a baby because they simply can't afford not to work. It’s insane that women are put in that predicament.

Fingers crossed all goes according to plan. I am planning to take the six weeks leave and then tack on two weeks of vacation time. Other parents I've talked to have said six weeks is far too short. Friends who have recently had babies say they don't feel like themselves again until about two months after birth, and wish they had taken more time.

This leaves me wondering: How will I feel? Will I feel that way?

How much time did you or your partner take for maternity/paternity? Would you do it differently if given another chance?

I was also struck by the labeling of some maternity leave policies out there. Some companies still refer to maternity leave as "disability, short term illness or injury.” Disability? Illness or injury? I thought I was just pregnant. Am I being too sensitive? Or is this offensive?

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Doctor Drama
Oct. 2, 2015
Nothing is more unsettling than starting your third trimester hearing this from your doctor: "Oh, by the way, this is the last time you will be seeing me at this office. We are moving downtown."

For anyone who doesn't live in New York City, this is far from a simple move. My doctor was in Midtown, relatively close to my office and home, but now he's moving to the far southern end of Manhattan on the East side. He may as well have moved to central New Jersey! It would take me about the same amount of time to get there.

Like many New Yorkers, I don't have a car, so cab, subway and bus are my options, and all of them take significant time to get me to his new office. Now that my visits are becoming more frequent, this scared me. Then he dropped another tidbit of breaking news: "We aren't sure exactly when yet, but we will also be switching hospitals..."

I was thrown, big time.

What if I went into labor tomorrow? It would be early, but hey, it happens! Where would I deliver? I haven't taken any of the hospital tours and wouldn't even know where to go without knowing what date he's switching hospitals.

If I had loved my doctor, I probably would have tried to make all this work. But so far, his best quality had been efficiency. I never waited long for him and his visits with me averaged 2.5 minutes. I've been fortunate to have a healthy pregnancy so far, but I am not exaggerating when I say after I left the first two visits without his staff taking my blood pressure or weighing me, I was wary. For my other half dozen appointments I would regularly remind them to take those vitals. I just felt the office was all about in and out and not about the patient.

I asked around to co-workers and friends and start with a new doctor next week. I am looking forward to taking the next steps. While I don't need to be coddled, it will feel good knowing I may have someone looking out for me a bit more. It also feels good to know that her office is only a short bus ride away.

Wish me luck!

Did you have to switch doctors or hospitals? If so, how did it go for you? Find me on Twitter @ginger_zee or message me on and tell me all about it.

Nesting Time!
Sept. 29, 2015

I can’t believe this is the room my little boy will soon sleep in. That’s right, this shell of a standard looking apartment bedroom will soon transform into a glorious nursery that will house all the giggles, cries, and love of my baby boy. I am going to amend that. This room will magically transform -- no thanks to my design or creative skills -- but rather thanks to my friend, designer Francesco Bilotto. He will be the creative force behind this room and I will pretty much listen to whatever he has to say. Otherwise my poor baby might end up with blank walls and very little inspiration. I asked Francesco to share some of his designing tips for creating a space that’s “baby chic.”

See some of Francesco’s design tips below and stay tuned to see the nursery design as it comes together!

Inside Ginger Zee’s Baby Nursery Design With Francesco Bilotto

Extend the look of your home into the nursery. You can make smart design choices to create a nursery that’s calm, collected and cozy for the baby, but also mirrors the style of your home.

Recycle items you may have already in your home. Get creative! Use pieces of artwork from around your home that have meaning to you, or paint an old nightstand to give it new life. In this nursery for Ginger, we are going to do a small gallery wall of artwork over a sofa sleeper.

Mix and match your crib, dresser and seating. This is a general design approach that you can use in any room.

Don’t avoid neutrals. It’s fine to stick to neutral tones in your nursery design. With so many primary colors in baby toys, books and clothes, it can be nice to give the eyes a break. In Ginger’s case, the nursery will double as a guest room when needed, so we are choosing a softer color pallet.

Think longer term with your design plan. We are also discussing the benefits of floating shelves vs. free-standing. In a matter of months, the baby may start to crawl and having keepsakes up high will be essential.

Send your design ideas and advice on Twitter at @ginger_zee or find me on

My Back! Help!
Sept. 24, 2015

For the past week I haven't been able to sit. Not anywhere in any position. Lying and standing seem to be fine, but the area around my left shoulder blade is on fire any time I try to sit. In a car, at a table, it doesn't matter. It's that sharp, take-your-breath-away type of pain.

I'm sure it has something to do with the 15 pounds or so suddenly protruding out of my front. That's a lot for my back to makeup for. It also didn't help that I wear heels in the mornings -- and sometimes for shoots after, or that I moved apartments over the weekend, so my upper back was getting its fair share of work. Don't worry; I didn't lift anything too heavy.

Either way, I've had three 30-minute chair massages in seven days, saw my physical therapist and I still can't sit down to dinner with my husband. I have an appointment with a specialist this Friday, but have any of you had this same back pain with pregnancy? What did you do to remedy it?

I've already drowned myself in Icy Hot and Tiger Balm for the afternoon and am lying on the floor with my dog Otis but I’m very much looking forward to hearing from you.

I would LOVE to hear your words of advice on Twitter at @ginger_zee or find me on

Baby Bumpin'
Sept. 18, 2015

My 1st Glucose Test
Sept. 16, 2015

I took my glucose test this week. It is a very important test, but I was properly frightened going into it thanks to all the stories I had been told.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the glucose test -- as I was so pleasantly unaware until one month ago – it is a routine test done between weeks 24 and 28 in your pregnancy, according to the documents I was sent home with, to check your glucose level. It is used as indicator of gestational diabetes. I was told I'd have to abstain from food for two hours prior to the test, then drink an intense sugary liquid provided by the doctor, and then have my blood drawn one hour after to see how the body reacts. It is a very important test and I'm all about getting a healthy result.

When I told my friends this was coming up, most of them made a disgusted face. My hair stylist Juanita had done it three times and found the drink you have to ingest "absolutely horrific."

A long month of storing this drink in the refrigerator came to a head.

It tasted like a really sugary orange soda at first, I think. (I wouldn't know because I haven't had one for years). I thought, this isn't so bad. Then one or two sips in I started to feel nauseous. This stuff is gross. I made it through the rest with difficulty and walked to my doctor's office. Since I finished at 1:35 p.m., my blood would be drawn at 2:35 p.m. I'm a wuss so any blood draw is like, well, drawing blood for me. That's the horrific part. But I did it! And now we wait for results, which usually take a week.

My advice is: don't get too worked up about the glucose test. It is gross for about two minutes, but then you and baby will be high on sugar for a solid hour, so enjoy!

What was your experience like? Tweet me at @ginger_zee or message me on

Am I Crazy to Use Cloth Diapers?
Sept. 15, 2015

I plan on using cloth diapers. Am I nuts?

I don't know about you, but I was diapered with cloth diapers. The old school kind with the big pins and no waterproof cover. A few years ago when I worked in Chicago as the weekend meteorologist, I also was the environmental reporter and we broadcast a huge week on "green babies," including a look into the evolved world of cloth diapering. It seemed to me to be so easy, aesthetically pleasing and a seemingly “greener” option. I was astonished. I made a vow that if I ever had children I would cloth diaper them.

Now that moment has come and I just signed up for a diaper service. They will come drop the diapers once a week and pick up the soiled diapers at the same time. But when I told my makeup and hair stylist, I got a "Why in the world would you do that?!" And "You'll never sleep! The baby is always going to be wet."

There’s a real debate in parenting circles about the pros and cons of disposable vs. cloth diapers. Cloth proponents say the diapers are better for the environment, are usually cheaper, may limit the baby’s exposure to chemicals, and can cut potty training in half for some kids.

We reached out to Proctor & Gamble, the maker of Pampers, who said their diapers are proven to be safe. “Pampers diapers, wipes and training pants are made from ingredients that are thoroughly evaluated and proven to be safe. We partner with leading pediatricians, pediatric dermatologists and safety experts to confirm the materials we use in our products are safe for babies,” the statement reads.

Huggies told us that families’ diaper choices reflects their “needs, demands, and budget” and defended disposable diapers.

“Disposable diapers have the advantages in the areas of ease and leakage protection,” Huggies consultant, Dr. Bill Sears, said in a statement. “Most quality diapers are made with common materials used in every day personal care and baby items -- and the materials have been proven safe over decades of use and through hundreds of clinical tests and trials.”

There’s also a discussion about the real environmental footprints for both cloth and disposables when you factor in things like cotton production and laundering, as Pampers pointed out. “Regarding environment considerations, over the past 10 years there have been several studies comparing cloth and disposable diapers, looking at the full life cycle of both products.”

My husband was slightly reluctant (yet supportive!) to go the cloth route. I showed him the pros and cons and the videos on a cloth diapering company’s website to demonstrate how simple the process seems to be. He's in!

So, what do you think? Am I making a choice based on feeling alone? What did you use and why do you think it was the best for you? Tweet me at @ginger_zee or find me on

He’s Kicking and It’s Priceless
Sept. 9, 2015

He's kicking! I started feeling the flutters about six weeks ago. Now that I'm well into week 24, what felt like an octopus tickling me has evolved into serious jabs and punches. He's like a little Floyd Mayweather in there -- without the attitude I hope.

It's a fascinating feeling to have another being inside of you dictating when you can fall asleep and when you feel movement. A constant reminder that you have a little invader. He tends to like the morning once I have settled into the makeup chair and am getting my hair styled for the show. The lights are on, we often blast music and I eat my “gross” breakfast of quinoa, flax seed, chia seed and a few nuts and raisins with almond milk. My husband Ben thinks the baby kicks because he hates that breakfast.

Either way, he really loves when “GMA” starts. My energy goes up and he kicks me every time the open of the show rolls.

I love these moments. Even when he's keeping me awake before I go to sleep, I'm embracing every jab. It means he's in there and growing. A priceless feeling.

The ABCs of Baby Stuff: Do Babies Really Need a Mobile?
Sept. 3, 2015

A few years back I went to one of the big box baby stores to pick up a gift for one of my friend’s baby showers. At that time, the thought of having a baby of my own seemed preposterous. I remember feeling clammy and running out of their overwhelmed by the thought of how much stuff a baby requires.

Now I'm in the thick of it and incredibly happy to be. I started registering for the baby showers -- one at home and one here in NYC -- and it feels necessary yet overwhelming. First of all, my husband and I are about to move into a bigger apartment - going from 600 to 900 square feet. (I know, mansion). The cost of living is high and we pay a premium for being in a great neighborhood in NYC. I feel fortunate to even be able to have the space we do. At the same time, babies require a ton of stuff! I'm worried the place will be busting at the seams.

When my friend Kelley, who is a new mother to a two-year-old girl, suggested she assist me in registering, I welcomed the help. I reminded her though -- she lives in a real house and we live in a glorified closet. We need to keep the clutter to a minimum.

With the car seat, stroller, bath tub and diaper bin alone, this kid’s nursery is going to be packed to the brim. We looked for small space-friendly items, focused on things that fold and can be easily stored, but I still walked out with 25 pages of STUFF!

So, serious question here -- do babies need a mobile? How many swaddling blankets do you really need? Do you have an item you and your baby just couldn't live without? Please let me know by tweeting me at @ginger_zee or find me on

Goodbye Pants With Buttons
Sept. 1, 2015

I am almost 24 weeks and I am officially wearing maternity clothes. There is no going back. I went shopping today to try to find a few more dresses in the “just size up” category for work and it is NOT happening. I am officially ready to embrace my maternity style.

(I should note: it is a common misconception that we in TV news have this Narnia-like wardrobe that is given to us. We are required to purchase our own clothing for the shows. So the thought of getting maternity dresses to wear for almost every day over the next three months seemed a little overwhelming! Plus, I need coats…and shoes…and…!)

Once I got past the hesitations in my head, I got down to business. I was telling one of the women in the store I want to emulate Kate Middleton's classic maternity style. She bluntly told me, “Well, she is very, very thin, so don’t set your expectations there.” That seemed like the opposite of what you want to tell a woman who is expanding by the day, but point taken. I am not Kate Middleton. I am…me.

My belly grows every time I wake up. My back end is growing. My thighs, my arms – a little bit of everything. And from what I can tell, I am carrying low. I don’t know what that means, but it certainly makes a difference when buying clothing.

There are a handful of maternity stores with actual store fronts so I stopped in and started trying things on. There are some very maternity looking styles and some that mask your bump more. I have noticed from comments on social media that people are generally more positive when I mask my belly versus wear form-fitting clothes.

No matter what anyone else thinks, I believe I have found some great staples for the next three months. I am happily surprised and comfortable. I can’t wait to proudly don my new MATERNITY wardrobe.

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My Dog and a Newborn: Will Our Relationship Get Hairy?
Aug. 24, 2015

I've been warned: Once the baby comes, your “fur baby” will take a back seat in your heart. But I can't imagine that's true.

My dog, Otis, has been my baby for over 13 years. He's my confidant, my forever buddy – not to mention my longest relationship with a man. He has definitely slowed down the past few years as he’s aged and I love him more than I ever have.

My husband has become just as, if not more, attached to him than I am. So I can't imagine our relationship changing that much after the baby is born.

Here are a few reasons why:

1. Otis is nearly mute. Seriously, we hear him bark once every other month and only if someone aggressively knocks on our door. He's always been laid back and nearly silent. Aside from a loud sigh as he lays down to rest his tired bones, I think the baby will be disrupting him with his noises, as opposed to the other way around.

2. He keeps to himself. Always has. If we are blessed with another year or two of Mr. Otis' lovely life, I can't imagine he would be any different with the baby than he is with other kids. He lets them prod him, pull his tail, pine his eyes and when he doesn't want it any longer he just walks away.

3. Deep down Otis loves being part of the family. Otis has a bit of cat in him so you need to entertain him. He doesn't like kisses either and keeps to himself, as I said. But when thunder roars, he feels left out of the fun and we know he's always right there by our side. I know he’ll want to stay a part of the family unit.

He is and will always be my first baby, even if he's 97 in dog years. (And now I'm crying because my hormones are out of control).

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I Miss Wine! Did You Drink During Your Pregnancy?
Aug. 21, 2015

It's not the cold cuts, sushi or soft cheeses that I have had to avoid during my pregnancy that fill my mind. It's the wine. I miss wine! White, red, rose... I genuinely love the taste.

I have come to enjoy unwinding with a glass of wine at night. I actually thought I would lose weight the first few weeks after I found out I was pregnant since I would suddenly be missing those calories. That didn't happen, but at first, I did find myself habitually reaching for a glass and then remembering, "I'm pregnant!" Now I've gotten used to it, but in social situations, like my friend's wedding, I wish I could have had a glass.

I have plenty of friends who say drinking one glass of wine in their third trimester is the norm, but the nation's top obstetrics and gynecological professional organization has a long-standing position that no amount of alcohol consumption can be considered safe. I have stayed away so far, but would love to know your experience. Did you drink at all during your pregnancy? Please tweet me at @ginger_zee or find me on

22 Weeks, 10 Pounds Later
Aug. 20, 2015

I've gained about 10 pounds and I'm almost 22 weeks. My doctor says I'm on track for the average weight gain, but I have to say that 10 pounds feels like 50 on my body. It's so incredible how quickly your body can change!

My dairy craving is still on and it's the only one. Here's a recent photo of me enjoying cottage cheese with chia seed chips mixed in along with a photo of my husband’s face every time I sit down with one of my unique concoctions.

I've also had some recent food aversions. Chicken, turkey and pork all make me want to gag. The texture and taste sounds horrendous.

Did you or your partner have any food aversions? Tweet me at @ginger_zee.

Working Out While Pregnant

Aug. 17, 2015
I've been into fitness since I was 13. So as soon as I got pregnant I promised myself I wouldn't slow down and I would be a fit mom. Well, I was in for some surprises.

Far before you even begin to show, your blood volume increases, so a simple task like climbing the stairs becomes immediately more difficult. I have three sets of stairs at work that I like to take and I remember at 8 weeks I would huff and puff at the top, which was so out of character for me.

Along with your blood pressure, your heart rate jumps more quickly while pregnant. My trainer informed me that it's safe to keep your heart rate at or below 145 bpm. Among a few other body changes, we have modified or changed my workouts. I work out with Mark Langowski of Body By Mark once a week. The remaining days I will either swim, walk, spin or do the elliptical.

We thought it would be helpful for you to see one of our modified workouts so you could try it at home (with your doctor’s permission of course).

Ginger's 'Body By Mark' Pregnancy Workout Session

1. TRX Squat into Row; 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

2. TRX Chest Press; 3 sets of 12-15 reps.

3. 1 Legged Dead Lift into a Row. 3 sets of 12 reps on each leg.

4. Isometric Cable Hold; 3 sets of 30 second hold on each side.

5. Monster Band Walk ; 3 sets of 10 steps to the right and 10 steps to the left.

6. Cable Donkey Kick ; 3 sets of 12 reps each leg.

7. Kneeling Triceps Push-up; 3 sets of 10 reps or until failure.

8. Boxing; 5 minute circuit keeping heart rate under 145 bmp.

Tell me about your workout experience while pregnant @ginger_zee or find me on

Would You Take Naked Pregnancy Pics?

Aug. 13, 2015

Yes, Kim K! Love her or hate her, this woman has figured out how to deal with a changing body in front of billions of people and I commend her for it. It's fun being pregnant at the same time as someone as prominent as Kim Kardashian. Seeing her beautiful body change and morph makes me remember mine is doing the same and although it may not always feel beautiful, it really is. Kim's latest Instagram post was so bold and I loved what she had to say:

"First they say I'm too skinny so I have to be faking it...Now they say I'm too big so I have to be faking it...SMH! Some days I'm photographed before I eat & look smaller, some days I've just eaten & I look bigger. It's all a part of the process. I think you all know me well enough to know I would document the process if I got a surrogate. Everyone's body is different, every pregnancy is very different!"

I was considering taking pregnancy pics -- not fully nude because I'm not quite that comfortable – but for my own memory. A friend of my brother is a photographer and she specifically works with pregnant women on their rounded photographs. She offered and I declined. I didn't want those photographs to be out there. Now I'm wondering if that was a mistake.

My husband thinks pregnancy pics where the partner is holding the pregnant belly are creepy, so I'm guessing that's not going to happen. But should I do the clothed kind? I may never have this beautiful miracle growing inside me again. Will I want these photos? Did you take them and are you glad you did?

Let me know by tweeting me @ginger_zee or find me on

20 Weeks! I'm Halfway There

Aug. 10, 2015
I'm halfway through! It feels good to know that I have made it to the halfway mark in my pregnancy and that this is supposed to be the best trimester.

So far I've been feeling great, just still a bit exhausted. I've also been going to physical therapy for an old injury on my hip and leg that seems to be exacerbated by my added weight and changing body. Other than that though, I can't complain.

I definitely popped this past week. Wow, it's like you see these small changes than all of a sudden, bam, you have a real pregnant belly!

We had our 20-week anatomy scan today and everything seemed good. We got to see his feet, legs, heart, kidneys...everything! Everything except his face. He kept hiding face down and into my pelvis. He had no problem allowing us to confirm once again that he was a boy though -- that part he was very free with. (We will have to watch him).

Also, I've had a slew of nightmares while pregnant, ranging from being abandoned in the ocean to not be in able to find my phone to call 911 in an emergency, but my latest pregnancy dream was funny and so real. I was a contestant on "Dancing With The Stars" while 8 months pregnant! Derek Hough was my partner and he was so creative helping to incorporate my pregnant belly. I hope I have more of these fun types of dreams.

Nosebleed Alert! Why I’ll Keep Tissues Handy From Now On

Aug. 4, 2015
After “GMA” airs, I often have meetings for new projects and segment. Today, midway through the meeting, my nose starts gushing blood as I'm talking. And it’s most certainly not dry air! It's the pregnancy!

After doing some research, I think the air conditioning in our offices (notice my coat) may have been the instigating factor. I turned to BabyCenter, my favorite app during this pregnancy so far, and discovered:

"Yes, nosebleeds do tend to occur more often during pregnancy. Pregnancy can cause the blood vessels in your nose to expand, and your increased blood supply puts more pressure on those delicate vessels, causing them to rupture more easily. Although it's unpleasant and inconvenient, an occasional minor nosebleed is generally harmless. You're especially likely to get a nosebleed when you have a cold, sinus infection, or allergies, or when the membranes inside your nose dry out, as they do in cold weather, air-conditioned rooms, airline cabins, and other dry environments. Trauma and certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure or a clotting disorder, may cause nosebleeds as well."

I'm so glad I know this now. I will be keeping tissues handy from now on.

I Watch a Real Birth Online
Aug. 3, 2015
The moments before I fall asleep are when my list of things to do attacks my brain. We have to find a nanny or day care, we need to sign our new lease, we need to ... we need to ... what happens to the cord after they cut it?

No, seriously, I understand everything about the birthing process up until the baby coming out and the cord being cut. My brain would not let me sleep until I figured out how the cord comes out. Does it coil back up for a moment, then you birth it and the placenta? Why am I not remembering health class? Oh, that's right, it's been 20 years! I was never one to watch with open eyes in health class anyway and haven't had the opportunity to watch a friend or family give birth, so I did the unthinkable that night. I researched and watched a real birth.

It was terrifying. Seriously, I would not suggest this before going to bed. I didn't sleep much. I agree it's a miracle and our bodies are made to do this but goodness gracious it is gory! I think I'll remain happy my view of the mess is minimal and I commend all the doctors, nurses and really anyone who needs to see that part of me at that moment when this little boy peers his blue head out.

He's Real! My Baby Shoe Breakdown
July 29, 2015
We started receiving baby gifts and with each one, this little being growing inside of me starts feeling more and more real. But none of the onesies or bottles have made me feel like this gift:

That's right, baby boy Sperry's. I opened the package and immediately started crying. Through my tear-filled eyes, I held those little shoes in my hand, for the first time imagining his little feet. He was suddenly so real.

I'm not the most emotional person, so this was an obvious hormone-induced cry. This morning and any morning when we have a special story about a medical miracle at a children's hospital on "GMA," I now need my eye makeup touched up after watching.

It's amazing that those little boat shoes were the trigger that really brought him to life -- and I'm so glad they did.

Baby Got Back

July 29, 2015

Why is my behind growing so rapidly?

I knew my belly would grow, and it is, but what in the world is happening to my butt? It's already more than a little extra jiggle. I can only wonder what happens next!

My best friend is an obstetrician and she explained that my body now has a hormone called relaxin, which helps the hips spread so the baby can come out. I guess it's preparing extra early.

I'll be 19 weeks this weekend so as my belly grows she said to expect a nice layer of softness to accompany my growth. It's a constant mind flip to remind myself that this is all for a beautiful cause and it's not only OK, but it's good for me and for the baby boy.

Did you find other parts of your body growing as rapidly as your belly? I want to hear about it! Tweet me at @ginger_zee

Cravings and Hunger

July 27, 2015

I thought these were phantom pregnancy symptoms that women thought they had because they heard they were supposed to have them. Well, now I can tell you that there is nothing phantom about cravings.

I haven't had a glass of milk since high school and about nine weeks into my pregnancy, I woke up in the middle of the night with a crazy voice in my body telling me that I had to get milk. Since then I have wanted milk and cottage cheese regularly and it is just so odd. This kid must need some calcium!

I've been fortunate to not have any aversions to food, but I have to say, meat doesn't have the same “Yum” factor that it did before I was pregnant. Oh, and I really like taking my glass of milk and eating Pirate’s Booty popcorn...with it. Yes, milk and rice puffs. It's my favorite treat. My husband can't watch me eat it because he gets so grossed out.

Do you have crazy cravings? Tweet me @Ginger_Zee!

My Pregnancy Dream

July 22, 2015

What's with these dreams?

Since I entered my second trimester, my dreams have been out of control. I wouldn't even call them dreams. They’re more like nightmares! From everything I'm reading, I have the pregnancy to blame. Here's my latest anxiety-laced baby dream:

I gave birth, brought the baby home and was enjoying our first night nursing moment when my baby needed a diaper change. So, as I'm changing him, I take off the onesie and notice he has a name tag on his chest that says "Sam." I'm thinking, I didn't name my baby Sam! I start freaking out, but I'm home alone!

So I run with the baby to the hospital crying my eyes out and when I arrive I plead with the hospital staff to take this foreign baby away from me and find mine. No one at the hospital will listen to me and I'm running floor to floor hysterically and I suddenly wake up.

I don't know what any of it means, but I do know it is one of several anxiety- based dreams I've had already. Hormones plus the different sleeping patterns and goodness knows what else, at least I've got interesting stories for my husband.

Did you have crazy pregnancy dreams? Tweet me @Ginger_Zee!

It's a Boy!

July 21, 2015

Ahhhhh! Finding out the gender was one of the best days so far. The ultrasound expert did her first swipes and it was incredible to see how much the baby had grown. Now we could see a real spine, the brain, each hand and the legs. She pointed out blood flowing to the kidneys. Finally she went between the legs. I saw it right away! A blatant arrow! A penis!

Ben asked at that moment, "And what is that?" It was such a funny moment because to me it was so obvious. The woman confirmed: we are having a baby boy.

Honestly, I had no preference one way or another. We were both so happy to just hear everything looked healthy so far and hope it keeps going this way.

July 10, 2015

This week was intense. I really popped! Seriously, every morning I woke up and my belly was bigger. For someone who has spent her life focused on keeping her abs strong and body tight, it is a constant mind fumble every morning. I have to remind myself that it's ok that I'm growing so rapidly!

The hunger has been high and I had my first scary moment Monday. While outside doing weather with a big crowd on a hot and humid morning, I started feeling a little sick. Within 30 seconds I realized what was happening: I was going to pass out. I had to interview an actress for a new show and I did not think I would make it through. I started breathing heavily, holding onto the rail to stand up, cold sweat started pouring out and my mouth went dry. I barely made it through, thinking toward the end, “I'm going down. This is going to be on ‘The Soup.’”

I made it through the interview, got orange juice and suddenly felt better. I really believe I hadn't eaten enough and learned my lesson. From there on out I have had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at 5 am. I can't eat that lightly in the morning any longer. I have an energy sucker inside me.

So, that was exciting. Then, my hair stylist Juanita was telling me that in her second and third trimester she would fall a lot. Juanita has three kids, so I feel like she knows what she was talking about, but I thought that's probably just her. After getting my hair cut I was rushing up some steps because a man was holding the door for me and I fell. Hard. Scraped up my arm and bruised my hip and butt. I couldn't believe it. I fell and really don't think I would have without this new sense of equilibrium.

Finally, traveling to Michigan and this week I've noticed my super-human sense of smell. Almost everyone's breath is offensive -- especially older men. Ewww. When I sat down at the airport and tried to eat, a man sat across from me, exhaled and I had to get up and leave. I boarded the plane and had to keep a pack of gum under my nose - either that or I would have needed to offer a piece to everyone on this flight. It's sooooo gross.

July 8, 2015

Look who is joining the baby train! Mara Schiavocampo is pregnant too! #GMAbabies

Posted by Ginger Zee on Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June 30, 2015

I am three days into my second trimester and waiting anxiously for the fatigue to wear away. All the apps and books promise an easier second trimester fatigue-wise… so, any day now.

Seriously though, I have had such an easy pregnancy so far. No morning or afternoon or night sickness. I have had a few moments of low blood pressure and dizziness, but overall it was just being dog tired that reminded me I was pregnant. That and I felt like someone was taking a knife to my boobs on a regular basis!

I've noticed that when I floss, my gums bleed a lot more. Makes sense, heck, even when my makeup artist puts my eye shadow on me, I can feel the little granules of makeup fall on my cheeks and tickle me. I am so sensitive and every sense is most definitely heightened.

Today I had the privilege of getting my teeth cleaned. Never a fun journey even without child, but today I learned it is like a bloody battle! The hygienist warned me that it would hurt more than ever and my gums were going to bleed -- a lot. She was right. Eight hours later, I can still feel my swollen gums. It had to be done and I am very glad it is over. Next time I walk in that office, I should have a little baby at home. Pretty wild! The hygienist said it would be just as painful as long as I am breast feeding, so at least one more unbearable cleaning to go.

I am hoping to update this pregnancy blog and want to hear your advice and experiences. Please share with me whenever you get a chance. I am feeling so lucky to be in this motherhood club with all of you and I know you all are the experts!

Ginger Zee Shares Pregnancy News on 'GMA'

June 29, 2015
She's hiked in Nepal, glided over the Andes and reported from a volcano in Iceland, but Ginger announced her biggest adventure yet: motherhood. "This is the most nervous I've been in a while," she said after sharing the news that she and her husband, Ben Aaron, are expecting their first child. "The forecast for delivery is in December."