Adorable 2-Week-Old Clouded Leopard Squeaks During His Internet Debut

PHOTO: The Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Fla. released a video of their 2-week-old clouded leopard cub on March 25, 2015.PlayTampa's Lowry Park Zoo
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The newest addition to a Florida zoo has made his Internet debut in an adorable fashion.

Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo released a clip of its 2-week-old clouded leopard cub laying around one of the zoo's veterinary offices, squeaking his way into the heart of the Internet.

"He is very vocal, particularly near feeding time which occurs approximately every four hours," the zoo said in a statement.

His father's name is Yim and his mother is named Malee, but the cub doesn't have a name for himself yet.

The cub will be hand-reared by the zoo's vets for the first three months of his life.

"He has started to crawl (or scoot) along using his front legs, and should be strong enough to move steadily on all four by one month of age," the zoo said in a statement.