What Would You Do? What Would You Do?

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John Quinones

What Would You Do? Picks

'What Would You Do?': Generous customers repeatedly buy homeless man’s coffee

Jul 8

'What Would You Do?': Young man posts 'revenge porn' photos after breakup

A young man is about to post private and intimate photos of his ex-girlfriend to take revenge after their breakup. Will anyone who overhears this conversation step in?
Jul 8

'What Would You Do?': Man confronts customer wearing jacket with Confederate flag

For some people, the confederate flag represents Southern heritage, but to others it's a symbol of racism or a reminder of slavery and segregation. If caught in this scenario, WWYD?
Jul 8

'What Would You Do?': Customers confront man wearing Confederate flag jacket

In this scenario shot in New York and Mississippi, "What Would You Do?" explores what happens when a man publicly wears a jacket displaying the Confederate flag.
Jul 8

'What Would You Do?': Young boy dressed as hero gives shoppers imaginary superpowers

As this mom becomes embarrassed and annoyed by her child's superhero-like behavior while shopping, how will other shoppers respond to the young boy's quest to destroy evil?
Jul 8