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Ukrainian ambassador calls Pelosi's visit to Kyiv 'a special delight'
By Armando Garcia
May 1, 2022 Story from Politics Armando Garcia , ABC News
Biden asks Congress for $33 billion in new aid package to Ukraine
By Justin Gomez and Armando Garcia
April 28, 2022 Story from Politics Justin Gomez , Armando Garcia , ABC News
Kamala Harris warns women may lose right to 'make decisions about their own bodies' in commencement speech
By Armando Garcia
May 7, 2022 Story from Politics Armando Garcia , ABC News
Black immigrant population in US could more than double by 2060: Study
By Armando Garcia and Abby Cruz
January 20, 2022 Story from US Armando Garcia, Abby Cruz , ABC News
Search for survivors in human smuggling boat tragedy off Florida coast to be suspended
By Bill Hutchinson and Armando Garcia
January 27, 2022 Story from US Bill Hutchinson, Armando Garcia , ABC News
Suicides, living conditions spark concern among Texas National Guard deployed at border
By Armando Garcia
February 5, 2022 Story from US Armando Garcia , ABC News
Russia 'planned' attacks on Ukrainian civilians: National security adviser Sullivan
By Armando Garcia
April 10, 2022 Story from Politics Armando Garcia , ABC News
Family separated at southern border reacts to possibility of government payouts
By Armando Garcia and Zachary Kiesch
November 20, 2021 Story from US Armando Garcia, Zachary Kiesch , ABC News
Thousands of migrants remain near border of Guatemala waiting for asylum cases to be processed
By Armando Garcia
December 8, 2021 Story from International Armando Garcia , ABC News
My journey as a Hispanic bone marrow donor: Reporter's Notebook
By Armando Garcia
October 27, 2021 Story from Health Armando Garcia , ABC News
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