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Black Americans are leaving their homes to start their own all-Black communities
By Ashley Schwartz-Lavares and Steve Osunsami
September 30, 2020 Story from US Ashley Schwartz-Lavares, Steve Osunsami , ABC News
Black Trans Lives Matter: Activists call for inclusion in racial justice movement
By Kiara Brantley-Jones , Steve Osunsami and Ashley Schwartz-Lavares
October 20, 2020 Story from US Kiara Brantley-Jones , Steve Osunsami, Ashley Schwartz-Lavares , ABC News
Black man with autism gets conditional pardon for 10-year sentence
By Ashley Schwartz-Lavares and Allie Yang
November 12, 2020 Story from US Ashley Schwartz-Lavares, Allie Yang , ABC News
Families say incidents show pattern of unfair punishment for girls of color
By Ashley Schwartz-Lavares, Janai Norman and Allie Yang
October 29, 2020 Story from US Ashley Schwartz-Lavares, Janai Norman, Allie Yang , ABC News
Corporate America weighs in on protests, racism as companies struggle with diverse staffing
By Matthew Vann, Deirdre Bolton and Ashley Schwartz-Lavares
June 5, 2020 Story from Politics Matthew Vann, Deirdre Bolton, Ashley Schwartz-Lavares , ABC News
Robert E. Lee's descendant says taking down Confederate symbols a 'no-brainer'
By Allie Yang, Lauren Pearle and Ashley Schwartz-Lavares
July 1, 2020 Story from US Allie Yang, Lauren Pearle, Ashley Schwartz-Lavares , ABC News
Number of COVID-19 'long haulers,' survivors experiencing lasting virus symptoms, is growing
By Ashley Schwartz-Lavares, Erielle Reshef, Lauren Pearle and Haley Yamada
November 19, 2020 Story from Health Ashley Schwartz-Lavares, Erielle Reshef, Lauren Pearle, Haley Yamada , ABC News
Detroit recruits employees for manufacturing jobs of the future
By Jon Schlosberg and Ashley Schwartz-Lavares
July 31, 2019 Story from Live Jon Schlosberg, Ashley Schwartz-Lavares , ABC News
Diane von Furstenberg turns women icons into art through partnership with mixed-media artist Ashley Longshore
By Ashley Schwartz-Lavares
March 8, 2019 Story from Entertainment Ashley Schwartz-Lavares , ABC News
Veterans give helping hand to fellow vets struggling to adjust to civilian life
By Ashley Schwartz-Lavares
November 11, 2019 Story from US Ashley Schwartz-Lavares , ABC News
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