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Scientists, students demand action to keep Arecibo radio telescope operating
By Cristina Corujo
November 26, 2020 Story from US Cristina Corujo , ABC News
Pitbull's mom taught him this one thing about life's biggest problems
Pitbull pays tribute to some of the most influential women in his life for Hispanic Heritage Month.
October 15, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
Puerto Rico votes in favor of statehood. But what does it mean for the island?
By Cristina Corujo
November 8, 2020 Story from US Cristina Corujo , ABC News
Turning Point: Hispanic Heritage Month is more than a weeks-long party
By Abby Cruz and Cristina Corujo
September 15, 2020 Story from US Abby Cruz, Cristina Corujo , ABC News
How Missourians did an end-around their conservative legislature to expand Medicaid
By JP Keenan, Cristina Corujo, JASON POTERE and Meredith Deliso
October 22, 2020 Story from Politics JP Keenan, Cristina Corujo, JASON POTERE , Meredith Deliso , ABC News
Puerto Ricans demand state of emergency amid rise in violence against women
By Cristina Corujo and Jessica Mendoza
October 13, 2020 Story from US Cristina Corujo, Jessica Mendoza , ABC News
Puerto Rico residents go without water every 24 hours in drought during pandemic
By Mariya Moseley and Cristina Corujo
July 9, 2020 Story from International Mariya Moseley, Cristina Corujo , ABC News
COVID-19 has made food insecurity worse in Puerto Rico
By Cristina Corujo
June 2, 2020 Story from US Cristina Corujo , ABC News
Tropical Storm Isaias strengthens into hurricane, lashes Puerto Rico, targets US East Coast
By Daniel Manzo and Cristina Corujo
July 30, 2020 Story from US Daniel Manzo, Cristina Corujo , ABC News
Donald Trump, Joe Biden address Puerto Rico's ongoing crisis weeks before the elections
By Cristina Corujo
September 20, 2020 Story from Politics Cristina Corujo , ABC News
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