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Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas speaks out about backlash, future plans to compete
By Amanda McMaster, Henderson Hewes and Douglas Lantz
May 31, 2022 Story from GMA Amanda McMaster, Henderson Hewes, Douglas Lantz , ABC News
Teen's death from Florida amusement park ride 'could've been prevented,' family says
By Linsey Davis, Douglas Lantz and William Mansell
April 26, 2022 Story from GMA Linsey Davis, Douglas Lantz, William Mansell , ABC News
Exclusive: Survivors of fatal Bahamas boat explosion speak out for the first time
By Douglas Lantz, Kristyn Caddell and Courtney Han
July 3, 2018 Story from GMA Douglas Lantz, Kristyn Caddell , Courtney Han , ABC News
'She didn't deserve this,' says mother of 22-year-old woman who lost both of her legs in a tour boat explosion in the Bahamas
By JULIA JACOBO, Kristyn Caddell and Douglas Lantz
July 24, 2018 Story from GMA Julia Jacobo, Kristyn Caddell , Douglas Lantz , ABC News
Teen spends 10 hours treading water after a rip current swept him out to sea
By DOMINICK PROTO and Douglas Lantz
July 12, 2018 Story from US Dominick Proto, Douglas Lantz , ABC News
Iowa man says 'maybe I was the last person to see' Mollie Tibbetts
By Karma Allen and Douglas Lantz
August 9, 2018 Story from GMA Karma Allen, Douglas Lantz , ABC News
Man accused of manslaughter in Anguilla hotel worker's death was defending himself during robbery attempt: Family
By Enjoli Francis, Douglas Lantz and Katherine Carroll
May 2, 2019 Story from International Enjoli Francis, Douglas Lantz, Katherine Carroll , ABC News
Shark attack survivor hopes his 'Christmas miracle' will inspire others going through hard times
By Kelly McCarthy and Douglas Lantz
December 24, 2019 Story from GMA Kelly McCarthy, Douglas Lantz , ABC News
Slain Ole Miss student's friends speak out in ABC News exclusive: 'I just want to live my life more like her'
By Emily Shapiro, Marcus Moore, Douglas Lantz and Kristyn Caddell
July 29, 2019 Story from US Emily Shapiro, Marcus Moore, Douglas Lantz, Kristyn Caddell , ABC News
Dustin Hoffman accusers speak out on why they went public
December 15, 2017 Story from Entertainment DOUGLAS LANTZ, MICHAEL ROTHMAN and JASON CHERVOKAS , ABC News
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