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Meet the 22-year-old millennial who beat a politician who had served longer than he'd been alive
By Ellie Smith and Jon Schlosberg
May 24, 2019 Story from Politics Ellie Smith , Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
Sad reality: Trash found during record-setting dive to deepest place on planet
By Jon Schlosberg
May 13, 2019 Story from Technology Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
Human activity has put 1 million species at risk of extinction: UN report
By Jon Schlosberg
May 6, 2019 Story from International Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
Epic 3,700-mile nature trail will one day allow you to hike coast-to-coast
By Jon Schlosberg
May 9, 2019 Story from US Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
Breakthrough discovery: New plastic could be 'holy grail' of recycling
By Jon Schlosberg
May 7, 2019 Story from Technology Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
Trailblazing 'Billions' actor Asia Kate Dillon talks groundbreaking role, gender identity: 'I just want to pick me'
By Jon Schlosberg
March 29, 2019 Story from GMA Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
In celebration of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's birthday, plank poses, celebratory tweets and more
By Annika Merrilees and Jon Schlosberg
March 15, 2019 Story from Politics Annika Merrilees, Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
Deep space radio waves baffle astronomers; aliens not ruled out
By Jon Schlosberg
January 29, 2019 Story from Live Jon Schlosberg , ABC News
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