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Number of COVID-19 'long haulers,' survivors experiencing lasting virus symptoms, is growing
By Ashley Schwartz-Lavares, Erielle Reshef, Lauren Pearle and Haley Yamada
November 19, 2020 Story from Health Ashley Schwartz-Lavares, Erielle Reshef, Lauren Pearle, Haley Yamada , ABC News
'It is literally horrific': World Food Programme, Nobel Peace Prize winner, fights growing hunger emergency
By Haley Yamada and Lauren Pearle
October 10, 2020 Story from International Haley Yamada, Lauren Pearle , ABC News
Vanessa Guillen's death shines light on military's handling of sex assault and harassment
By Lauren Pearle, Caitlin Fallon and Allie Yang
July 8, 2020 Story from US Lauren Pearle, Caitlin Fallon, Allie Yang , ABC News
Robert E. Lee's descendant says taking down Confederate symbols a 'no-brainer'
By Allie Yang, Lauren Pearle and Ashley Schwartz-Lavares
July 1, 2020 Story from US Allie Yang, Lauren Pearle, Ashley Schwartz-Lavares , ABC News
Lawyers claiming ties to Rudy Giuliani approached Michael Cohen after FBI raids; investigators looking at contacts
By Eliana Larramendia, James Hill and Lauren Pearle
March 7, 2019 Story from US Eliana Larramendia, James Hill, Lauren Pearle , ABC News
Trump administration admits thousands more migrant families may have been separated than estimated
By Lauren Pearle
February 4, 2019 Story from US Lauren Pearle , ABC News
29 deported migrant parents return to the US, hoping to reunite with their children and seek asylum
By Lauren Pearle, Kristofer Rios, Ozren Milharcic and Joshua Hoyos
March 4, 2019 Story from US Lauren Pearle, Kristofer Rios, Ozren Milharcic , Joshua Hoyos , ABC News
Migrant father says he was tricked into being deported without his child, refutes Homeland Security secretary's claims
By Lauren Pearle, Ozren Milharcic and Kristofer Rios
March 8, 2019 Story from US Lauren Pearle, Ozren Milharcic , Kristofer Rios , ABC News
Old Friends: William Barr and Robert Mueller may work together again, in a very different time
By Lauren Pearle and Luke Barr
January 15, 2019 Story from Politics Lauren Pearle, Luke Barr , ABC News
Death of Guatemalan toddler detained by ICE sparks $60 million legal claim
By Tom Llamas, Brian Epstein, Lauren Pearle and John Carlos Frey
December 6, 2018 Story from US Tom Llamas, Brian Epstein, Lauren Pearle, John Carlos Frey , ABC News
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