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TSA expects record-breaking 26.8 million Thanksgiving travelers
By Matthew Vann and Mina Kaji
November 13, 2019 Story from US Matthew Vann, Mina Kaji , ABC News
Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says white supremacy could be 'issue that ends this country'
By Matthew Vann, Rachel Scott and Mark Osborne
July 21, 2019 Story from Politics Matthew Vann, Rachel Scott, Mark Osborne , ABC News
Gold star dad tells Trump to go to Arlington for 'proof of multiracial democracy'
By Matthew Vann
July 23, 2019 Story from Politics Matthew Vann , ABC News
Trump again distances himself from background checks same day he talks to NRA chief Wayne LaPierre
By Matthew Vann
August 21, 2019 Story from Politics Matthew Vann , ABC News
Bill would require warning for children left in hot cars as number of deaths rises
By Matthew Vann
July 1, 2019 Story from Politics Matthew Vann , ABC News
As Trump visits Florida, farmers awaiting federal disaster aid lament Washington 'bickering'
By Trish Turner and Matthew Vann
May 8, 2019 Story from Politics Trish Turner, Matthew Vann , ABC News
Parents cautious of new FDA-approved device for kids with ADHD
By Matthew Vann
April 25, 2019 Story from Politics Matthew Vann , ABC News
Chelsea Manning ordered back to jail for defying grand jury subpoena
By Ali Dukakis, Matthew Vann and Lucien Bruggeman
May 16, 2019 Story from Politics Ali Dukakis, Matthew Vann, Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
Trump tariffs on Mexico would likely mean Americans paying more for cars, avocados
By Sophie Tatum and Matthew Vann
May 31, 2019 Story from Politics Sophie Tatum, Matthew Vann , ABC News
Fed chairman says he wouldn't leave even if Trump tried to fire him
By Matthew Vann
July 10, 2019 Story from Politics Matthew Vann , ABC News
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