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Progressive lawmakers urge extension of eviction moratorium
By MaryAlice Parks and Sasha Pezenik
Yesterday, 9:00 AM EDT Story from Politics MaryAlice Parks, Sasha Pezenik , ABC News
Facebook lifts ban on posts claiming COVID-19 was man-made, amid revitalized origins debate
By Sasha Pezenik and Fergal Gallagher
May 27, 2021 Story from Technology Sasha Pezenik, Fergal Gallagher , ABC News
Distribution of Eli Lilly COVID-19 therapy paused in 8 states over variant concerns
By Sasha Pezenik and Meredith Deliso
May 28, 2021 Story from Health Sasha Pezenik, Meredith Deliso , ABC News
Untapped US intelligence to be probed for clues to COVID-19 origin: Sources
By Sasha Pezenik and Josh Margolin
May 29, 2021 Story from US Sasha Pezenik, Josh Margolin , ABC News
Nature-based or lab leak? Unraveling the debate over the origins of COVID-19
By Kaitlyn Folmer, Sony Salzman, Sasha Pezenik, Dr. Mark Abdelmalek and Lucien Bruggeman
June 14, 2021 Story from US Kaitlyn Folmer, Sony Salzman, Sasha Pezenik, Dr. Mark Abdelmalek, Lucien Bruggeman , ABC News
Ex-pharmacist sentenced to prison for tampering with COVID-19 vaccines
By Ivan Pereira and Sasha Pezenik
June 8, 2021 Story from US Ivan Pereira, Sasha Pezenik , ABC News
VIP vaccines: As availability tightens, the wealthy and well-connected push for access
By Sasha Pezenik
January 25, 2021 Story from US Sasha Pezenik , ABC News
Half of households in 4 largest US cities report financial problems due to pandemic: POLL
By Sasha Pezenik
September 9, 2020 Story from Business Sasha Pezenik , ABC News
Trump's COVID-19 treatment developed using cells originally drawn from fetal tissue
By Sasha Pezenik and Anne Flaherty
October 10, 2020 Story from Politics Sasha Pezenik, Anne Flaherty , ABC News
'Mattress Mack' opens stores for Houstonians amid dangerous winter storm: 'We're here for them'
By Sasha Pezenik and Emily Shapiro
February 18, 2021 Story from GMA Sasha Pezenik, Emily Shapiro , ABC News
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