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‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ star Noah Centineo makes giving back look cool
Noah Centineo and Josh Heller co-founded Favored Nations, a non-profit group that utilizes Centineo’s social media platforms to help give back.
May 29, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
What is 'Healing Justice'?
Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors and activist Cara Page explain the theory and the communal benefits.
July 24, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
Meet the Taiwanese couple who won the internet for modeling forgotten laundry
Wan-Ji Chang and Sho-Er Hsu’s customers left their clean clothes behind for the couple, and to be honest, the internet thanks them.
August 4, 2020 Video from GMA ABC News
What to know about the so-called 'tampon tax'
21-year-old activist Nadya Okamoto has been vocal in the movement to push legislators to eliminate the tampon tax.
October 21, 2019 Video from GMA ABC News
Influencer with cerebral palsy inspires community with viral videos
Damion Gross, 20, has become a model and a hit online.
August 22, 2019 Video from GMA ABC News
6 shot at large party as some Californians defy coronavirus stay-at-home orders
By Stacy Chen
April 14, 2020 Story from US Stacy Chen , ABC News
How coronavirus hate crimes changed focus for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month this year
By Stacy Chen
May 21, 2020 Story from GMA Stacy Chen , ABC News
China must 'face reality' of Taiwan's independence: Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen
By Stacy Chen
January 17, 2020 Story from International Stacy Chen , ABC News
Taiwan sets example for world on how to fight coronavirus
By Stacy Chen
March 13, 2020 Story from Health Stacy Chen , ABC News
Seattle Trader Joe's employees claim company closed store due to their support of Black Lives Matter
By Stacy Chen
June 17, 2020 Story from US Stacy Chen , ABC News
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