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How Canada's wildfires and air quality warnings are connected to climate change
By Ginger Zee, Stephanie Ebbs, Max Golembo, Kenton Gewecke and Daniel Manzo
June 7, 2023 Story from US Ginger Zee, Stephanie Ebbs, Max Golembo, Kenton Gewecke, Daniel Manzo , ABC News
Board game designers aim to make tackling climate change fun
By Stephanie Ebbs
May 27, 2023 Story from US Stephanie Ebbs , ABC News
EPA to regulate emissions, pollution coming from power plants for 1st time
By Stephanie Ebbs and Julia Jacobo
May 11, 2023 Story from US Stephanie Ebbs, Julia Jacobo , ABC News
States dependent on Colorado River required to conserve unprecedented amount of water in deal
By Julia Jacobo and Stephanie Ebbs
May 22, 2023 Story from US Julia Jacobo, Stephanie Ebbs , ABC News
Biden creates national monuments in Nevada, Texas at conservation summit
By Sarah Kolinovsky and Stephanie Ebbs
March 21, 2023 Story from US Sarah Kolinovsky, Stephanie Ebbs , ABC News
First ever images of Antarctica's 'Doomsday glacier' show melting from below
By Stephanie Ebbs and Ivan Pereira
February 17, 2023 Story from International Stephanie Ebbs, Ivan Pereira , ABC News
3 tips to save money on your energy bills this winter
By Stephanie Ebbs
January 16, 2023 Story from GMA Stephanie Ebbs , ABC News
Republicans preview 'rational environmentalism' approach to climate policy if they take control of House
By Stephanie Ebbs
November 11, 2022 Story from International Stephanie Ebbs , ABC News
Higher heating bills expected this winter amid energy market turmoil: Report
By Stephanie Ebbs
October 13, 2022 Story from US Stephanie Ebbs , ABC News
How beavers could help the Colorado River survive future droughts
By Stephanie Ebbs
April 20, 2023 Story from US Stephanie Ebbs , ABC News
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