Kmart Layaway Shoppers Touched by Cash-Carrying Angel

A few lucky Kmart shoppers were touched by an "angel" Tuesday.

An anonymous woman made a special trip to the Indianapolis Super Kmart and paid off the outstanding layaway balances of several customers, according to ABC affiliate  station WRTV-TV6.

A call to Kmart's corporate office  was not immediately returned.

The "layaway angel," a widow, went to the West Washington Super Kmart location intent on giving shoppers a happy holiday.

"She said that she had money, and she wanted to make someone's Christmas. It was like an angel dropped out of the sky," store manager Edna Deppe told ABC news affiliate WRTV-TV6.

Or out of the movies: The woman showed  miracles could happen beyond 34th Street.

Approaching shoppers, the anonymous woman paid off  outstanding layaway balances that were sometimes as high as $800, according to WRTV-TV6.

Angie Torres and her young daughter were surprised at the counter. "I took out my credit card to pay my minimum balance. She said, 'Don't pay that. I'm going to pay it for you,'" Torres told  WRTV-TV6.

But it wasn't just layaway customers who received the woman's random act of kindness. After paying off outstanding balances at the layaway counter, the anonymous donor walked around the store distributing $50 bills, and even paid  bill of a customer - for more than $400 worth of toys - according to WRTV-TV6.

All the "angel" asked was  that customers  give back in the name of her late husband, according to ABC's affiliate..

What is clear: "An Angel dropped in our store last night," Deppe told the station.