Buford, Wyoming, Pop. 1, Is Sold

Michael Smith/Wyoming Tribune Eagle/AP Photo

Buford, Wyoming is famously known as the nation's smallest town. Today, that reputation proved to be worth $900,000 during an auction for the town that had a population of one.

"Ladies and gentleman, you can own this town," auctioneer C.K. Sonny Brown broadcasted.

Bids began at $100,000 and climbed quickly to the winning bid within around 15 minutes. The town was sold to a single buyer from Saigon, Vietnam who flew in from Vietnam specifically to attend the auction.

"Owning a piece of property in the U.S. has been my dream.  When I read an article about the auction of the Buford town, I was very excited," the highest bidder said in a press release. "So, I decided to make a trip to Wyoming, to bid on-site.  It was a long journey but I made it at last.  It is the American dream!"

The U.S. post office boxes, a cellular tower with lease, five buildings and about 10 acres of land were included. Don Sammons, 61, owner and seller of Buford, was happy with the outcome of the auction.

"This is a bitter sweet day for me, but in reality, I couldn't be happier," said Sammons in a statement.

Real estate auction leader Williams & Williams held the sale at 2 p.m. EST at Buford Trading Post, the town's convenience store and gas station, which was included in the sale. Viewers and bidders from 46 different countries tuned in online at Auction Network's website to watch the auction live.

"We auction properties, very unique properties, all shapes sizes and storylines," Amy Bates, chief marketing officer at Williams & Williams, told ABC News. "I think what captured the world's attention is the romantic nature of the idea of owning your own town in the United States."

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Don Sammons moved to Buford in 1980 and by 1992, bought the Buford Trading Post. It was just seven years ago his son moved away and Buford suddenly had a population of one.

"He's been in Buford for about 32 years," said Bates. "It's been an incredible experience and he's ready to move on to the next chapter."

Buford, located 28 miles west of Cheyenne and just north of the border with Colorado, wasn't always known as the nation's smallest town. According to Bates, Buford dates back to the mid 1800-s when it had around 2,000 residents.

"The town was created when a number of workers were there building the transcontinental railroad," Bates told ABC News.  "Once the railroad was built those workers migrated on."

Bates says that with all the buzz surrounding the auction there is anticipation for international bidders.

"It's the dream, the American dream combined with the Wild West."