Double Slip: Controversial Korean Oreo Ad Leaked

                                                                     Image credit: Cheil Worldwide

A controversial advertisement from South Korea of a baby holding an Oreo while breastfeeding may have two slips - an exposed nipple and a leaked ad never meant for public distribution.

The ad shows the mother's breast and her nipple is partially exposed. Oreo's slogan, "Milk's Favorite Cookie," is shown at the bottom of the ad - pun obviously intended.

A representative of Kraft, the owner of Nabisco, which produces Oreos, told ABC News that Kraft did not create the ad and it did not run in South Korea or any other country.

The ad is attributed to Cheil Worldwide, an independent advertising agency.

"Our understanding is that they created it for use at an isolated advertising awards forum in Korea," the official said. "It was never intended for consumer advertising or public distribution."