Forbes' 'Fictional 15' Richest Characters Topped By Smaug

(Image credit: Paramount Pictures)

Once again, Forbes magazine has taken a very realistic look at the bottom lines of fake people for its "Fictional 15." The list compares the wealth of fictional characters using an "analysis of the fictional character's source material, and where possible, valued against known real-world commodity and share price movements."

Just in time for "The Avengers," Iron Man's alter-ego Tony Stark made the list - coming in 5th, with an estimated net worth of $9.3 billion. This put Stark ahead of another superhero's alter-ego, the man behind Batman's mask, Bruce Wayne, who will also be seen onscreen when "The Dark Knight Rises" debuts this summer.

Topping the list this year is another topical upcoming movie character, Smaug, the red-gold dragon who will be seen in Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" films. According to the number crunchers at Forbes, Smaug rests his armored belly on a bed made up of $62 billion worth of gold, priceless Elvish armor, and other baubles.

Here's the top five of Forbes magazine's ranking of its "Fictional 15?:

1. Smaug Worth: $62 Billion Sources: Marauding Residence: The Lonely Mountain, Middle-Earth Claim to fame: terrorizing same, hoarding gold.

2. Flintheart Glomgold Worth: $51.9 Billion Source: Mining, Theft Residence: Johannesburg, South Africa Claim to fame: Stole the title of "world's richest duck" from archnemesis Scrooge McDuck after winning an "around the world" race.

3. Carlisle Cullen Worth: $36.3 Billion Source: Compound Interest, Investments Residence: Forks, Wash. Claim to fame: 371 year-old small-town doctor and immortal vampire from the Twilight series.

4. Jed Clampett Worth: $9.8 Billion Source: Oil & Gas Residence: Beverly Hills, Calif. Claim to fame: a stray shot while out hunting led to the discovery of an underground well of "Texas tea," the establishment of Clampett Oil, and a move to the 90210 zip code.

5. Tony Stark Worth:  $9.3 Billion Source: Defense Residence: Malibu, Calif. Claim to fame: former CEO of Stark Enterprises; genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist, and the guy who wears Iron Man's armored suit.