Nude Grocery Shopping Spree Turns Heads

The management of a new supermarket in Süderlügum, Germany wanted to make a splash when the doors of Priss grocery store opened to the public. Instead of offering a free ham with a purchase, Priss' Nils Sterndorff offered a shopping spree of $337 (270 euros) to the first 100 naked customers in the store.

To Sterndorff's surprise, about 250 nude shoppers came to the store, many of whom were Danes. The supermarket is only about 2.5 miles south of the Denmark border.

"Especially popular were alcoholic beverages and sweets, which are more expensive in Denmark," according to a translation of German news site,

Prior to the opening, some of the customers reportedly spent the night camped outside the store.

The Danish news site, Ugeavisen, posted a video of the store opening.

"I never thought that 100 people would come," said Sterndorff, who expected 10 nude people, according to "My shop is full of people without clothes. "