Nashville Man Billed $84,522 for Gas

Ray Crockett filled up his tank at a gas station in Nashville, Tenn., for the price of $84,000. (Photo Credit:

A Nashville man was hit with a $84,522.24 debit card charge for 10 gallons of gasoline after filling up at a local Mapco station.

The drama began last week when Ray Crockett pre-paid for $30 worth of gasoline after traveling to the station on the outskirts of Nashville, hoping to taking advantage of the $2.93 a gallon price.

Unfortunately, he would find himself saddled with a five-figure bill and unable to access his bank account online for days. Crockett, who never signed for the $84,000 bill, says he didn't learn about it until he tried to purchase a meal and his card was declined.

"I stopped to buy lunch and was told my card was declined," Crockett told ABC News. "I said, 'no the card is good because my paycheck is was deposited.'"

But when he called Citibank to check his balance, Crockett discovered his account was overdrawn by $84,000.

In attempt to rectify the situation, Crockett would follow up with Mapco, which informed him there was nothing the company could do about the transaction. Unable to gain access to his bank account, Crockett was struggling to figure out how he would eat.

Mapco, he said, gave a him a $100 Visa gift card to get him through the weekend.

The dispute would carry on throughout the week - he claims both Mapco and Citibank sent him on a wild goose chase to correct the overcharge. Eventually, he said, the convenience store would stop responding to his calls.

"I didn't have funds to hire an attorney, I was out of money," said Crockett.

An employee at Mapco would state she did "see the transaction" and then "my calls were no longer answered," he added.

Crockett would make several calls to both the Citibank and Mapco and found no resolution until Thursday.

"Mr. Ray Crockett used his prepaid card at a mini-mart in Tennessee to purchase gas," a spokesperson for Citi said in a statement. "The merchant not only put through a pending charge for the gas transaction, but also an additional settlement charge that drew his account significantly negative."

The statement continued, "due to this input error at the merchant, a charge was erroneously billed to Mr. Crockett's prepaid card account. Citi has credited Mr. Crockett's account and informed him that his card is available for use. Citi has resolved the issue to Mr. Crockett's satisfaction and he is able to use his card. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused and are putting processes in place to ensure that this does not happen in the future. We will continue to monitor his account closely to make sure no other issues occur."

When asked if anyone ever explained what the charge was actually for, Crockett told ABC News, "I certainly couldn't get $84,000 worth of gas in a Nissan Maxima."

According to NewsChannel 5 Investigates, Mapco has overcharged at least 16 people for gas. Nikki Johnson pre-paid for gas and saw a $58,278.35 charge appear on her statement.

Johnson told NewsChannel 5, "That is insane. That is just beyond mind-blowing crazy. I bought a coffee drink, and I pre-paid for gas."

In regards to the Crockett's dilemma, a spokesperson for Mapco wrote in a statement to ABC News, "credit and debit card transactions are processed and settled by third parties. Errors in electronic transactions are rare, but like any other type of transaction, errors sometimes occur. These errors can result from a variety of reasons, including technical failure and human error. When we discover a processing error at our stores, we often resolve the issue quickly and with no harm to our customer."

The statement continues, "all issues known to us have either been resolved or are expected to be resolved soon. We apologize for any inconvenience these issues are causing. "

"As always, we remain committed to providing safe, secure and accurate credit transaction capabilities at our stores and are constantly seeking ways to improve our technology to better serve our customers," Mapco added.