'Creepy' Eye Contact: Avoid This Job Interview Blunder

Do you make the right eye contact at job interviews? (Getty Images)

When it comes to doing your best at a job interview, you might already know the basics - dress the part, learn about the company and industry beforehand, ask questions, and, of course, make eye contact.

Lauren Ferrara, of Creative Circle Staffing, told "20/20? that eye contact and a smile are the first things she looks for when meeting with job applicants.

It's "as simple as that," she said.

But not all eye contact is created equal - and for some, this seemingly simple, non-verbal form of communication can be easy to botch.

Job interview coach Pamela Skillings listed, "Thou shalt make non-creepy eye contact," as one of her "10 Commandments of Job Interviews."

Skillings wrote that maintaining "steady, natural eye contact conveys confidence and sincerity." But what you don't want to do is fire up an "intense, over-compensating stare."

Other eye contact don'ts include: shifty looks, staring down, cleavage glances and eye rolling.

So how does one, so to speak, keep their eye on the prize? As with anything else, Skillings recommended practice.

"[I]f you tend to be nervous or shy with people you don't know," she wrote, practice with a friend.

Read more of Skillings' job interview tips at her blog, BigInterview.com and watch more on life in the modern workplace on "20/20: Workplace Confidential," airing Friday at 10 p.m. ET.