Audrey Hepburn Sells Chocolate From the Grave

They may be dead, but they can still move product.

That explains why so many celebrities-or their likenesses, anyway-are used in commercials. To wit: Fred Astaire, who danced with the Dirt Devil in a 1997 commercial (ah, the wonders of computer-assisted technology). Or a half-naked Albert Einstein (well, it was his head atop someone else's torso) hawking General Motor's GMC Terrain. Or John Wayne and Coors Light.

Joining their ranks is Audrey Hepburn, now starring in a minute-long commercial for Galaxy, a British chocolate brand. The ad features a young, digitally-enhanced Hepburn sitting in a bus on Italy's Amalfi Coast circa 1950. She glances into her handbag and unearths a Galaxy bar. Just then a sexy man in a convertible pulls up next to the bus, the two lock eyes, and she hops into his backseat. She sighs contentedly and bites into the candy.

Audrey Hepburn's sons, Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti, who control her estate, sanctioned the use of her image. They told The Independent that their mother "often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit, so we're sure she would have been proud of her role as the face of Galaxy."

Hepburn, the star of films classics like "Roman Holiday" and "Breakfast at Tiffany's", also posthumously appeared in a 2009 GAP commercial.