Heinz's Musical Fruit Now Includes Musical Spoon

The people who brought you musical fruit are now offering musical spoons with which to eat your beans.

To promote new flavored varieties of their popular baked beans in the United Kingdom, Heinz has released special spoons outfitted with tiny MP3 players.

The spoons promote different flavors and play different tunes. Eating curry beans? Here's a Bollywood bhangra. Fiery Chilli flavor comes with a Latin samba.

The music can only be heard by the person who is eating, otherwise the spoons appear not to emit any sound. The spoons employ bone conduction, in which sound waves are transmitted from the jaw bone into the ear. There are lollipops and toothbrushes that employ similar technology.

If this sounds like a cheap trick, you're wrong. The spoons are to be sold exclusively, along with designer bowls, at London retailer Fortnum & Mason for 57 pounds, or $87.

Heinz Beanz first went on sale Fortnum & Mason in 1886.

According to U.S. spokeswoman, the company has no plans to sell the spoons in the U.S.