Moon-Walking Pony Dances Across Internet

A Shetland pony that seems to have adopted the famous disco skills of Michael Jackson has moon-walked across the picturesque Scottish highlands, through the screen and into the hearts of viewers.

And it's easy to see why: To the foot-tappingly irresistible tune "Everywhere" by Fleetwood Mac the pony falls victim to the rhythm of dance and elegantly drags his hooves across the grass, drawing in the love and adoration of millions of dancing horse enthusiasts.

It's all part of an advertisement for the mobile internet firm Three, and it's been lauded by fans on Twitter. The quirky clip has racked up almost 3 million YouTube hits since its appearance on the web.

Image credit: ABC News

"Seeing the dancing pony advert brightens up my day," said Twitter user @_5ophie, while @Lozzaap tweeted that it would "always be my favourite advert."

The ad comes at a time when horses are being heavily documented as victims in the British press. With the widespread horse meat scandal peppering the media, one fan, @Anthonyshaw, joked: "Love that dancing pony in the new 3 advert," adding, "It'll probably be in a lasagne by next week though."

Mari Williamson, who co-runs the Benston stud farm on Shetland with her husband, said that Socks was given the movie star treatment during the shoot by having his own hairdresser, Bjoern Larson, who attached 40+ extension clips to his locks for each day of filming.

"Socks is lively and outgoing, who loves attention and I think that's why he was picked to be the center of the advert. It's gone viral now with millions of people watching him but he is blissfully unaware of his fame and is keeping his hooves firmly on the ground," she added.