Demand for American-Made Products Growing in Mexico

(ABC News)

There is surprising cargo showing up on trains in Mexico.

Straight from Dearborn, Mich., Ford vehicles are heading into Mexico City, where demand is high among Mexico's growing middle class. It's the quality, locals say, that they're after.

Vehicles like the Ford Escape travel for 14 days on a train from plants in Avon Lake, Ohio; Oakville, La.; Chicago; and Kansas City, Mo.

But cars aren't the only American-made products in demand in Mexico. Exports to Mexico and all of Latin America, including Brazil and Argentina, are up 121 percent in the last decade.

Even the beef burgers at Carl's Jr. in Mexico are imported from the United States. The fast food chain, which has opened 20 new restaurants in Mexico this year, brings fries from Louisiana and burgers from Texas, all made by American workers.

ABC News sent David Muir to Mexico to investigate and he found several American-made products in wholesaler Costco's Mexico stores. Products like Tide detergent, Reynolds Wrap, WD40 and the original Big Wheel, made in Michigan, were all found in Costco. Even the soy sauce is made in America.

And while it may sound Mexican, everyone knows Tabasco sauce is made in America and now, it is being sold in Mexico.