Huggies TweetPee App Tweets Parents When It's Time to Change Baby's Diaper

Huggies Brazil announced that it was testing TweetPee, an iPhone app with a clip-on humidity sensor intended to capture when a child's diaper is wet.

A spokesman for Kimberly-Clark Corp., which owns Huggies, confirmed that TweetPee was indeed real, and that Huggies Brazil was currently testing it with four parents, and would expand that number to 10 in July.

How does it work? An owl-shaped plastic humidity sensor activates the app, which then tweets parents that it's time to change the diaper. The company said the app would help parents track the volume of diapers they use, and know when it's time to reorder, from Huggies, of course.

Considered a concept device, neither the owl-shaped sensor nor the app is available for purchase.

Meredith Carroll, a mother of a 20-month-old and a 4-year-old, said she had doubts about the usefulness of the TweetPee app.

"I'm all about saving time and things that will help me save time," said Carroll, 40, who blogs for Babble (both Babble and ABC News are owned by the Walt Disney Co.). "But if I can't go to my diaper supply, realize I'm low and go to my computer to place an order, I have bigger problems."

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