Mexican Company Outsourcing Jobs to the United States

(ABC News)

Within in the next three years, one out of three babies born in the United States will be Hispanic. Hispanic American families have become a force, soon spending $1.5 trillion a year on goods, creating jobs for the companies that jump on the opportunity.

While there has been a lot of talk about jobs being shipped across the border to Mexico, there is one company that is actually sending jobs to the United States.

The Mexico City factory of baking company Grupo Bimbo can't keep up with demand in America. Hispanic Americans back in the United States can't get enough of their breads and other goodies, including chips that taste like guacamole.

When Bimbo first began selling its products in the United States, it didn't have any factories. Today, the company has 80 plants that have created 40,000 jobs in the U.S., and it will continue to add more.

In Victorville, Calif., the Dr. Pepper Snapple group is making Clamato juice, a product invented in the United States and made in California, Texas and New York, but wildly more popular in Mexico. ABC News' David Muir found it everywhere, including a Wal-Mart in Mexico City. He found drinks and even food made with Clamato juice.

Another iconic American brand crossing into Mexico is cosmetics company Mary Kay. Sales in Latin America are skyrocketing with all of the products still being made in the United States, mostly in Dallas.

Local saleswoman Erika Urosa said it's important to her clients that the products are made in the U.S. Many of the products have been tailor-made for sale in Mexico, even the fragrances.

ABC News' Eric Noll contributed to this report.