Experts Guide to Feng Shui

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Feng shui, simplified, is the ancient Chinese art that aims to improve your life by rearranging your home. Feng shui means wind and water, and for centuries Chinese practitioners have believed that how a building is oriented, what you have in it and where you place those things can change the balance and flow of energy through your house. Below five experts share their tips to a happy home.

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Pun-Yin is the daughter of feng shui grand master Tin Sun. She was equipped with 15 years of apprenticeship experience with the grand master before taking on clients independently. She recommends:

  1. DO NOT have more than one pair of shoes near the entryway of your foyer.
  2. DO allow sunlight and fresh air into the bedroom daily.
  3. DO NOT have any electrical elements near your bedside, aside from a light. If it operates by an outlet, move it.
  4. DO have stones that have a Zen feel in a small container on your nightstand to feel a sense of tranquility from nature.
  5. DO NOT place headboard underneath a window or a beam
  6. Avoid using the computer in your bedroom, especially on your bed since that will add fire energy and compromise your sleep quality.

Tisha Morris is the author of two feng shui books, " Feng Shui Your Life: The Quick Guide to Decluttering Your Home" and Renewing Your Life" and " 27 Things to Feng Shui Your Home" and is a certified life coach and feng shui consultant. Her advice:

  1. Is there a piece of furniture that you keep bumping into? If so, it is out of the flow. Energy should be able to meander through your home to avoid stagnation.
  2. Take an objective look at the pictures on your wall. Make sure that when you look at each picture, it makes you feel good. Does it evoke good or bad memories, positive or negative meanings? This also applies to photographs around your home. Are they energy enhancers or drainers?
  3. Clutter is stagnant energy and taking up valuable space for new energy. If your love life is stagnant, then clear out stuff from past relationships. If your career is stagnant, clear out your office. If it's your body that's cluttered, then clean out your cupboards, fridge and clothing closet.

Benjamin Huntington is the owner of Veritate Design firm in New York City that specializes in feng shui design. His advice:

  1. Make sure that the front door opens easily, the knob is secure and check that nothing is stored behind stopping it being opened fully.
  2. Place a welcoming picture, mirror or table with a bowl on it on the right as you enter.
  3. Place a small area carpet, any size, inside the front door to define an entrance space.
  4. Try to arrange the seating so that most people can see the entry door from their seat.
  5. Provide a single focal point for the seating group, for example, a picture, sculpture, fireplace.

Ken Lauher graduated from the three-year BTB Feng Shui Master's Training program, and is a feng shui consultant, making appearances on TLC, NBC and ABC. His advice:

In feng shui terms, the stove is extremely important in the influence on our public life, our career, recognition and wealth. Keep your stove clean and well appointed. Make sure all the burners work.

  1. Make sure you use your stove frequently, cooking at home whenever you can. This has several practical and feng shui benefits: You'll save money on expensive restaurant meals or take out, you'll eat healthier as a result of preparing your own, fresh cooked food, and you'll energize this important area of your home for greater success in your career, fame and reputation.
  2. Make use of each burner on your stove as often as possible, rotating their use if you only cook one or two dishes at a time.
  3. The burners of your stove represent money. Add mirrors behind and also to the side of the stove to symbolically double your wealth.

Anna Maria Kinberg, owner of Interiors By Anna Maria, LLC. and an International Tely Award winner, combines her nowledge of feng shui and interior design to help her clients lives. Her advice:

  1. For love: The relationship corner is in the southwest of the space, the element is wood and the colors are pink, red and white. Enhance this area of your space by adding two candles, love birds, pictures of a couple along with round framed mirrors that will bounce the good energy around the room.
  2. For fame and recognition: The south corner of your space governs fame, this corner attracts opportunity for becoming well known and widely respected. The color red and the fire element sets the energy moving in this sector. Use the No. 9, which is associated with the south corner, if you have pictures of awards, famous people you know or want to have in your circle of influencem a grouping of nine will activate the chi in this sector. This is also a perfect place to put a fireplace when redesigning a room. Be careful not to use too much red, this could lead to restlessness and agitation.
  3. For money cures and wealth: The wealth corner is in the southeast area of your space. Printers, fax, computers and TVs, which use energy, will activate your money sector. Water symbolizes money, the colors are blue and black. Add water features, such as fountains and fish tanks. If this is not possible, use rounded framed mirrors, which also represent the water element.

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