Goodyear Responds to ABC's 'The Lookout's' Report, 'Undercover Mechanic'

ABC's The Lookout went undercover to Goodyear's Commack, N.Y. location. Here is the company's response to our findings:

Response From Goodyear Auto Service Center Manager Eric Johnston:

"Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

We apologize to our customer for the way she was treated at this location .

We are conducting a thorough investigation and have taken the following initial steps.

  • We determined the technician made incorrect statements to the customer and did not perform the work according to the invoice. He is no longer employed by the company.
  • We have taken appropriate disciplinary steps with the other employee involved.
  • The company will completely refund the cost of the service.
  • We are reviewing our service policies with all associates at the store to make sure they are familiar with the proper way to service our customers.

Goodyear operates more than 600 stores in the United States. The Company is focused on serving ALL of our customers equally well, and takes issues like this very seriously.

It's unfortunate the actions of one person can overshadow the excellent service provided by the other employees in our store.

Any customer who has questions or concerns about service at one of our stores can call 800-321-2136 or at

Again we apologize for this incident and will work hard to maintain the trust of our customers."