Consumer Reports Rates Best, Worst Tissues

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Consumer Reports found that just because facial tissues are advertised as strong or soft don't mean they are.

"You can't rely on a name's claim," Consumer Reports says in its August issue. "Ology Soft & Strong was one of the least strong; [CVS brand] Total Home Soft & Strong was among the least strong."

In the magazine's tests of tissues, a machine was used to gauge strength and human hands were used to test softness.

The highest-rated products were Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong and Kleenex Lotion Aloe & E.

The three products with the lowest ratings among the 18 tested were all store brands: Whole Foods' 365 Everyday Value, Walmart's Great Value and Walgreen's Ology Soft & Strong.

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Consumer Reports said tissues with lotion tested well overall, but "some without it are very soft."

Kleenex Ultra Soft, without lotion, was a bit softer than two products with lotion: Puffs Plus Lotion and Kleenex Cool Touch.

The magazine also found the number of plies may not matter, as Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong, which has two plies, rated higher than all six products with three-plies.

Here is a list of Consumer Reports' 18 tested products, starting with the highest-ranking products, and their cost per 100.

1. Puffs Ultra Soft & Strong: $1.69

2. Kleenex Lotion Aloe & E: $1.36

3. Puffs Plus Lotion $2.52

4. Kleenex Ultra Soft: $1.39

5. Puffs Basic: $1.21

6. Kleenex Cool Touch: $2.65

7. Up & Up Aloe & Vitamin E Lotion (Target): $1.87

8. Total Home Ultra Soft Lotion Aloe & Vitamin E (CVS): $2.65

9. Great Value Lotion (Walmart): $1.12

10. Kirkland Signature (Costco): $1.23

11. Kleenex: $1.04

12. Up & Up Everyday (Target): $0.99

13. Total Home Soft & Strong (CVS): $2.21

14. Nice (Walgreens): $1.00

15. Scotties: $0.83

16. 365 Everyday Value (Whole Foods) $0.93

17. Great Value (Walmart) $0.92

18. Ology Soft & Strong (Walgreens): $1.08

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