Urinal for Women Selling Out on Groupon

(Credit: Amazon)

"Got to go? No toilet in sight?"

That's a tagline for the reusable Lady Elegance P EZ Ladies' Travel female urinal, a flexible silicone device that is flying off of Groupon's shelves.

Groupon's offer includes not one but two travel urinals, on sale for $7.99, plus $2.99 shipping. The Groupon description states the listed price of $22.

The funnel-like product allows women to urinate while standing "anytime…anywhere," the product's packaging states.

Groupon featured this item previously in April of this year and it sold out, a spokesman for Groupon said. This most recent deal went live yesterday and has sold over 1,000 units.

If it sells out on Groupon, never fear. The product is on sale at Amazon for $5.39, plus applicable shipping. Amazon also sells a number other such products, including the Lumex Female Urinal, which collects the urine in a jug-like container. That product is being sold for $7.99.

Tim Baker, vice president of merchandise for Jobar International, the product's manufacturer founded in 1972, said the P EZ was first released three years ago. The company is based in Carson, Calif.

The P EZ is sold online and through mail-order catalogs.

The idea for the product was conceived after one of the company's female buyers spotted a similar item and thought it was a "great idea", Baker said. At the time, other products in the market were pricey or had limited distribution, so the company created its own design.

"It ties into our unique functional product line of making things available that are great solutions for people," he said.

When asked how people may carry the product with them, say at a music festival with limited facilities, Baker said users can carry it in a vinyl pouch that is included.

Reviewers on Amazon give the product four out of five stars.

"If it's too cold to drop your pants or hike up your skirt, you need this," one reviewer on Amazon.com wrote. "If you don't know what kind of critters are around or what plants you are brushing against, you need this. If an area is a bit too crowded and there are no facilities, and you don't want to expose yourself, you need this."

"Easy to clean: spray cleaner, rinse it off, pat it dry with paper towel, stow it for next time. Threaten to clean with husband's tooth brush if he laughs when you use it," the same Amazon reviewer wrote.

To our female readers: have you or someone you know used a urinal for women? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.