New Old Spice Commercial Sets YouTube Abuzz

A new commercial for Old Spice seems poised to become the newest online marketing hit.

The spot, titled "Mom Song," features seemingly melancholy mothers' singing about how the cologne had made men of their sons. It follows the women as they go to great lengths to remain concealed - in the sand, in the cushions of a couch, in the bushes - and spy on their sons' interaction with girls.

"Let's face it, growing up these days is tough and no mom wants to see her boy grow up into a man," Old Spice marketing director John Sebastian said. "But, eventually, it happens to everybody, so what better brand than Old Spice to get there."

The commercial is catching on. Nearly 31 million people saw it on TV during this weekend's NFL playoff games.

As of Monday night, the video had been viewed more than 1.7 million times online. It was first posted to YouTube Friday.

The Old Spice Guy plays "Manta Claus"

"Where do I apply for a job at Old Spice Marketing?" one viewer wrote, while another added, "This video had me laughing so hard, I had to struggle to breathe."

But not everyone seemed to be a fan of how far the mothers were willing to go to hold on to their sons.

"Creepy," one poster wrote.

Yet another seconded that sentiment, adding, "Legit creepy."