Fitbit Recalls 'Force' Wristband in Rash Move

(Credit: Fitbit)

Fitness device maker Fitbit is halting the sale of its Force wristband and has issued a recall because customers have complained that the strap-on tracker caused a skin irritation.

The company is offering a refund for the full retail price of $129.95.

The bracelet gadget, which records users' exercise and sleep habits, prompted complaints that the device was irritating their skin, causing hives, blisters and rashes.

"From the beginning, we've taken this matter very seriously," the company said in a statement. "We hired independent labs and medical experts to conduct a thorough investigation, and have now learned enough to take further action. The materials used in Force are commonly found in many consumer products, and affected users are likely experiencing an allergic reaction to these materials."

The company said a "small percentage of Force users have reported any issue." In a letter, Fitbit's CEO and co-founder James Park said some users "may be reacting to the nickel present in the surgical grade stainless steel used in the device."

The company advises customers to visit Fitbit's website or contact their support line at: 888-656-6381.

Fitbit has three other activity trackers - the Flex, the One, and the Zip - and the Aria wi-fi-enabled smart scale.

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A spokesperson said the San Francisco-based company is working on a next-generation tracker that will be released "soon."