Dream Mansion in 221 Square Feet Is Small Wonder

Andrew Morrison, 41, lives in what he dubs "the mansion of dreams" with wife Gabriella.

His Oregon house is complete with a grand staircase, a cozy master suite and a kitchen that's worthy of a top chef.

"I mean I can do Donna Summer dance moves in here if I want to," said Morrison, who teaches people how to build their own houses. "This place is huge."

But the house may not appear mansionlike to everyone.

Morrison's home is 221 square feet -that's only slightly bigger than a Chevy Suburban and a lot smaller than your average 3,000-square-foot McMansion.

Images: Go inside Andrew Morrison's 221-square-foot dream home

"It only took us four months to build," Morrison told ABC News.

The cost to build: a mere $22,744.

The home might be small, but it's not lacking in furnishings. Inside, there is a fireplace, home office, and even a guest bedroom. There's plenty of custom storage and even a drawer just for potatoes.

"It's very comfortable," Morrison said.

Houses like Morrison's are marvels of architecture with tiny price tags, enticing buyers stressed out by a full-size mortgage.

Jay Austin, a 24-year-old federal government staffer from Washington, D.C., also proudly owns a tiny house.

"I wanted just a very simple Thoreauvian sort of, you know, cabin in the woods," said Austin.

Austin's cabin is only 140 square feet and cost $40,000 to build. He dubbed his house "The Matchbox."

His coffee table doubles as a bike rack; his bed is over the kitchen; and his ceiling doubles as a spice rack. The house even features a 42-inch TV and a skylight to watch the stars.

Tiny living has become a growing movement.

"I think that tiny houses have become so popular because we are looking for a way to escape the rat race, live a purposeful life and avoid debt. Tiny houses allow you to do all those things in one small package," said Ryan Mitchell, a tiny living expert who runs a tiny living blog.

See another tiny home below.

There are tiny hotels, tiny apartments, tiny granny flats and even tiny culture clubs . There's a tiny houses conference held every year for tiny house enthusiasts to get together.

"Look at everything you own and determine whether it's actually worth its value," Austin said.

These tiny house dwellers said they discover more about who they really are with less.

ABC News' Devin Dwyer, Tess Scott and Caterina Andreano contributed to this story.

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