Archie Meets Rock Band Kiss

Two iconic American figures have joined forces, but it may not be the ones you expect. All-American teen Archie Andrews has partnered with rock ‘n’ roll legend Kiss in an upcoming series called, eponymously,  ”Archie Meets Kiss.”

The four-part series launches Nov. 30 and, in the words of  writer Alex Segura of Archie Comics, “brings  together two pieces of Americana for the first time. ”

Jon Goldwater, CEO of Archie Comics, is a self-described “crazy Kiss fan,” even having a Kiss-themed party for his son’s Bar Mitzvah.

But Goldwater told ABC News that the idea of a partnership between Archie and Kiss came from Kiss bassist-vocalist  Gene Simmons.

“One day I was lucky enough to get a call,” Goldwater said. Simmons flew him out to L.A. to discuss the idea of a partnership. “His ideas were extremely inspiring,  and we thought it would be a wonderful thing for Archie,” Goldwater said.

The series will be a topsy-turvy, magical tale of a spell gone wrong that involves Archie and the gang, and Sabrina meeting the famed rockers.

Archie Comics hopes that the collision of characters will be enough to pull in a  full audience — one that includes older Americans who grew up with the comics and younger fans too.

“Younger kids will enjoy the magical nature while older audiences will enjoy old rock ‘n’ roll,” said Goldwater. The Archie comic turns 70 years old this December, which  is eight years older than Simmons.

For parents worried that Kiss’  mature themes may be too much for younger kids, Simmons offers words of comfort.

“Kiss is all things to all people,” Simmons told the New York Post . “A 5- or 10-year-old fan doesn’t look at the lascivious nature of my tongue the same way someone much older would — such a thing is not obvious to a 5-year-old, nor should it be.”

Goldwater, in addition to hoping the series and comic does well, has one other wish.

“Maybe the kids will even pick up a Kiss album,” said Goldwater.

Fans can expect to rock ‘n’ roll but maybe not all night … Archie and the gang have a curfew.