Jennifer Lopez Surprises Fans With Makeover From New Fashion Line

ABC News’ Alberto Orso reports:

Jennifer Lopez is one of Hollywood’s biggest triple threats, and the pop megastar, “American Idol” judge and People Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person of 2011 is now adding another title to her name: designer.

Lopez just launched her own fashion line at Kohl’s department stores and decided to surprise two of her ultimate fans with an exclusive first look at the fall collection on “ Good Morning America.”

With Lopez by their side, Xenia Jannierre, 18, and Emily Montalvo, 19, were given up-close-and-personal style advice from their fashion idol.

Montalvo immediately gravitated toward a long, strapless black dress.  ”This is what I like to do with my long dresses; dress it up and wear it for nighttime,” Lopez said. “But also you can wear it with a pair of flip flops and a sweater.”

“And a hat, because you love hats,” Montalvo said.

Jannierre picked out a short, structured, black and gray tweed dress. “This one I wear with a pair of high boots,” Lopez explained. “It’s a super-short dress, if you are confident enough to do that.”

From rompers to faux-fur vests to sparkling jewelry, Jannierre and Montalvo gushed over the pieces.

“J.Lo just loves her diamonds,” Jannierre said. “I’d probably feel like her if I put this on.”

It was an afternoon of playing dress-up, learning the tricks of glamour from their style icon.

“We feel like we are in your closet,” Jannierre gushed.

Lopez and her professional stylists helped them pick a complete outfit. When they came back, dressed to the “nines,” the young women were full of confidence and savvy.

“It’s classic J.Lo,” said Mariela, one of Lopez’s stylists. “The light tones, the sparkles, the faux fur, the bags, the boots … the tons of jewelry.”

“There’s nothing wrong with tons of jewelry,” Lopez joked.

The Jennifer Lopez Collection is available at Kohl’s in stores and online now.