John Berman’s Advice to Red Sox Fans Reeling from the Loss

What is a Red Sox fan to do today? I hope to provide some practical assistance.  Accordingly, below you will see my e-mail “out of office” reply.  You are welcome to cut and paste it into your own.  I find it weeds out some of the annoying correspondence I am getting.


I am in the office, but filtering e-mails with the following warnings:

1) If you are NOT from a certain part of the country (New England), please be aware of the following:

–You are probably NOT as funny as you think you are.

–No, I don’t “have to admit” it was an amazing game.  I don’t “have to admit” anything.  This is America, and I have amendments on my side.

–There is a good chance I already don’t like you. 2) If you are from the New England area:

–No, I can’t believe it either.

–No, I don’t want to talk about it.

–In fact, let’s never speak of this again…filing it away with that Super Bowl, 1986, and that thing with the glittered indelible body paint.