Man Sues Steven Seagal for Allegedly Killing Puppy

What do you do when your dog dies after Steven Seagal drops by? If you’re an Arizona man who just saw the Hollywood action star drive a tank into your home, you sue.

Jesus Llovera wants $25,000 and a written apology from Seagal for killing his puppy when Seagal burst into Llovera’s Phoenix, Ariz. home (clad in camo, no less) to hunt down an illegal cockfighting ring. The March raid was part of an episode of Seagal’s A&E reality show “Steven Seagal: Lawman.”

In addition to seeking money from Seagal, Llovera wants $25,000 from the Maricopa County sheriff’s office that aided in the raid. He claims sheriff’s deputies fatally shot his family’s 11-month-old puppy when they took over his home.

The authorities beg to differ.

“That’s a fabrication. That is just a bunch of crap,” chief deputy David Trombi told ABC News’ Phoenix affiliate.

The sheriff’s office said the cockfighting case is pending, but maintained the raid was a legitimate law enforcement action. While Llovera’s bent on taking them to task, he’s willing to drop his suit against Seagal — but only if the actor comes to his property to say sorry to him and his children.