‘Arrested Development’ to Return — For Real This Time

Sam Urdank/FOX/AP Photo

The Bluths are back – for real this time.

News of the return of “Arrested Development” — the cult favorite television show that ran from 2003 through 2006 on Fox — has been so sporadic that it’s become a case of crying wolf for the show’s rabid fans. But now the return has been confirmed by the show’s creator and several cast members.

At an “Arrested Development” reunion Sunday at the New Yorker Festival, the show’s creator Mitchell Hurwitz and members of the cast announced a new spin-off of the short-lived, acclaimed TV show.

“We’re all game,” Hurwitz said. “We’ve hated being coy, but we’ve been trying to put together this ambitious idea.”

The new series will feature nine or 10 episodes focusing on each character in the dysfunctional Bluth family, all leading up to the first scene of a planned movie, where the extended cast will all be reunited. Filming for the TV show is tentatively set to begin next summer.

Showtime and Netflix are in talks about airing the new original episodes, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The series, which struggled in ratings through its three seasons, starred Jason Bateman, Michael Cera and Portia de Rossi, and was produced and narrated by Ron Howard. Though the cast have moved on to star in blockbuster movies and have even reunited on other projects like the film “Juno” and the animated series “Archer,” many have expressed interest in continuing the Bluth family saga since the show came to a close.

Hurwitz said that at this point there is no set date for the film’s release, and that the business end of the production is still being worked out.