Lindsay Lohan’s Dad Arrested on Domestic Violence Charge

Michael Lohan is shown following his arrest, Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011 in Tampa, Fla. (Tampa Police Department/AP Photo)

While Lindsay Lohan has been in the news with potential Playboy poses and her ongoing legal problems, her father is making headlines of his own. Michael Lohan, 51, was arrested early this morning on domestic violence charges after Tampa, Fla., police say he physically abused his girlfriend, Kathryn Major, 28.

After police got the call around 1 a.m., they said they could hear a female voice yelling ”stop” and “leave me alone.” They said when they entered the house they found Lohan sweaty and out of breath, defensively saying everything was OK, while Major yelled for police to help her. According to the police report, she was “crying and afraid” with redness on her arms and bruises and redness on her arms and knees. Her cell phone was smashed and police noted that there was a dent on the bathroom door consistent with the height of her head.

Major said she had filed a restraining order against Lohan, but a police investigation found it was no longer valid, which they said surprised the woman. Police said they do not understand why Major allowed Lohan into her home, considering that they had a court date scheduled for Wednesday.

When asked why she may have let him in, Tampa Police Department spokeswoman Andrea Smith said, “I don’t know but it seems like they were getting along earlier.”

According to the police report, Lohan said the two had sex just before the incident. The cause of his anger? According to Major’s account in the report, it was because she refused to give him oral sex.

After being taken into custody, Lohan began to complain of having chest pain. The police called Tampa Fire and Rescue and had him taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital. As he was being examined, the officers stepped outside to decide what to do with Lohan.

But apparently Lohan thought he was all alone and tried to check himself out of the hospital, all part of a reccurring ruse, according to Major. As he walked out, however, Lohan was greeted by the officers who had arrested him, and they took him into custody again.

He was being held without bail at Orient Road Jail, police said.

This isn’t something new for Lohan. Back in March, he was arrested for the same alleged crime against Major, but in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Lindsay Lohan could also return to jail in California after a judge last week ruled she violated probation involving a community service assignment. A Nov. 2 court date was set to decide whether she should be jailed.

She was given probation for a 2007 drunken driving case and a misdemeanor theft case this year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.