Prince Harry Spies New American Girl, and Kate Middleton Look-Alike?

ABC/Getty Images

The first target hit by Britain’s Prince Harry while on U.S. soil for intense pilot training came not in the battlefield, but in the nightclub.

The party-friendly royal was enjoying a night off with fellow members of the Royal Air Force Friday, Oct. 7, at the Andaz Hotel in San Diego when 26-year-old cocktail waitress Jessica Donaldson caught his eyes.

With all the power of a prince, Harry, 27, got Donaldson’s phone number and wooed the waitress, along with a few friends, to a beachside brunch just days later.

“Harry is a real-life Prince Charming,” Donaldson told the UK’s Mirror.

The pair caused another media storm when they were then observed kissing in a nightclub the night after.

“Some of the hotel staff in San Diego say they saw Harry and a pretty brunette kissing in the foyer about one, two o’clock in the morning,” Duncan Larcombe, royal reporter for The Sun, told ABC News.  “Then they saw the same girl leaving at 10:30 the next morning.”

Prince Harry has been staying at a naval air facility in El Centro, Calif., a two-hour drive from San Diego, since earlier this month in the first leg of a two-month stay in the U.S. to learn how to fly Apache attack helicopters in preparation for a second tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Of all the California girls vying for Harry’s attention, the brunette Donaldson may have caught Harry’s eye because she appears to be a dead ringer for the prince’s newest relative Kate Middleton, the bride of his older brother Prince William.

While strikingly similar in appearance, one difference between Middleton and Harry’s new girl is the large and ornate tattoo Donaldson has inked across her midriff.

Still, even Donaldson herself has heard the comparisons to the Duchess of Cambridge, telling the Mirror it’s because,  ”we both have dimples and dark hair.”

Another similarity between the two, unfortunately for Harry, is that Donaldson, too, is already taken.

Despite calling him “Prince Charming,” Donaldson denied rumors of a fling with the prince while sitting for an interview alongside her boyfriend of three years, nightclub promoter Brandon Thomason,28, whom the British media have described as “hulking.”

“That wasn’t me….It must have been another girl,” Donaldson told the Mirror.  “I am not sleeping with Prince Harry and he has never been anything other than a gentleman to me.”

Harry split with his long-term girlfriend Chelsy Davy earlier this year following a seven year on-again, off-again relationship.

The prince will spend two more weeks in California and will then head to the Gila Bend Air Force Auxiliary Field in Arizona to complete the eight-week training.