Want to Turn Your ’80s Action Figures Into Cold Cash?


Cartoon characters of the 1980s spawned lines of successful toys and action figures for kids of all ages. Collectors will pay top dollar for some of those items.

Some people have modest collections, while one man’s is worth more than $800,000.

If you have some actions figures from back then, could they be worth some serious cash?

It depends, said Jordan Hembrough, president of Hollywood Heroes, which specializes in vintage and modern collectibles.

“If you have vintage star wars from the 1970s and ’80s, now is the perfect time to sell,” Hembrough told “Good Morning America.”

One limited edition Star Wars set, originally sold for $9.97, can fetch more than $400.

It’s not just Star WarsTransformers, He-Man and ThunderCats figures all have maintained their popularity and have a high resale value.

Women’s toys from that era aren’t as popular, but those that are – including the whimsical My Little Pony — appear to be very much so.

“Ponies are huge ’80s’ toys,” said Stasia Kauriga, a buyer with Love Saves the Day, a vintage store in New Hope, Pa.

In addition to the ponies, Kauriga says bestsellers at her store include Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake.

If you want to turn your vintage toys into gold, follow these simple rules:  Keep the toy in the package. Keep it in pristine condition, and finally, make sure the toy is from a major brand.

Recent sales on eBay and through Hollywood Heroes have posted record figures, Hembrough said.

He noted that the most popular sellers among boys’ toys currently are Mego “Worlds’ Greatest Superheroes” and Kenner’s Star Wars line.

Below is a list of top sellers among boys’ and girls’ toys, and their sales prices, according to information provided by Hembrough.

Top 5 Sellers, Boys’ Toys

1972 MEGO World’s Greatest Superheroes Robin Doll; Boxed with removable mask. $10,500

Kenner Star Wars Jawa action figure with Plastic Cape: $6,500

Mego “World’s Greatest Superheroes” Batman with removable mask: $3,550

Mattel Masters of the Universe Tytus doll (foreign release only): Boxes: $3,500

Mattel Masters of the Universe original He-Man figure in mint package: $400

Top 5 Sellers, Girls’ Toys

Barbie No.1, Blond ponytail barbie, with box. $6,500

1959 Brunette Barbie, with box. $2,000

Ideal 1967 Super Queens Mera Doll with box: $5,000

Ideal 1967 Super Queens Wonder Woman with box: $3,500

Kenner’s Strawberry Shortcake Banana Twirl with Berrykin in box: $625

Kenner’s Strawberry Shortcake Orange Blossom with Berrykin in box. $510