Kim Kardashian Hires Lawyer to Take on Ex-Publicist Jonathan Jaxson

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Reality star Kim Kardashian is reportedly going after former publicist Jonathan Jaxson because he’s made a statement claiming her fairy-tale wedding for done just for publicity.

According to the website, Kardashian — who stunned the world when she filed for divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage — has hired attorney Marty Singer.

Jaxson, who is promoting a new book, has said in interviews that Kardashian’s nuptials were staged. He also has claimed he staged another “news” stunt for her before.

Kardashian, 31, has faced heavy criticism for the quick divorce filing. She has maintained that she married Humphries for love.

Singer told TMZ that Jaxson is simply chasing publicity for his new book.  The site also claims Singer submitted private legal papers to arbitration to have Jaxson cease his comments, and that Kardashian is apparently seeking at least $200,000 as payment for the damage to her reputation caused by Jaxson’s “allegedly defamatory statements.”

TMZ claims Jaxson violated a signed confidentiality agreement governing his work with Kardashian.

But on his own website today, Jaxson claimed he has not been served any legal papers in connection with the matter, and added that there was no such agreement.

“To the best of my knowledge, I have never signed an agreement dealing with confidentiality with Kim Kardashian. I have an agreement in my possession that does not have either parties (sic) signature on it.”

Jaxson also posted on his website several documents, including email exchanges purportedly between him and Kardashian in which they discussed promotion.

Posted under the headline “ I have NOT Lied & This Will Be My Final Comment on This!!!,” he acknowledged that he had not worked with Kardashian in a couple of years and said he had “absolutely no ill feelings towards her what so ever.”

He said his comments about her wedding were based on his personal opinions after conversations with “mutual friends.”

Jaxson also said the large engagement ring from Humphries was “very similar” to one involved in a story he staged for her in December 2007. The reality TV star-turned-businesswoman was dating football star Reggie Bush at the time.

“It was a planned shoot as she exited XIV Jewelers in Beverly Hills with the 7-carats on her right hand for media speculation that she was engaged, as she exited the jeweler,” Jaxson wrote.

He is promoting his book “Don’t You Know Who I Am Yet.”

He said it chronicles one’s “15 minutes of fame” and a publicist’s view of Hollywood, including his dealings with several of the clients he’s met along the way.

“Kim was and always has been only a very small part of that equation,” the statement added.