Mariah Carey Drops the Baby Weight on Jenny Craig


Dimitrios Kambouris/WireImage/Getty Images

ABC News’ Suzan Clarke and Natasha Singh report:

Mariah Carey epitomizes the word “Diva.”

Worth an estimated $500 million, Carey is the best-selling female artist of all time.

And she seems to juggle it all – a smashing career, married life and, most recently, motherhood.

Carey and her husband Nick Cannon welcomed twins Moroccan and Monroe in April.

See photos of Mariah Carey’s twins and her wedding to Nick Cannon.

But as she went through the pregnancy,  she was shocked by the weight gain.

“I so tried not to look at my body …,” she said in an interview with “Good Morning America” lifestyle anchor Lara Spencer.

Carey has also said she refused to allow Cannon to see her naked during the pregnancy.

And juggling her children while being a superstar left Carey with another challenge: losing the baby weight.

She initially lost 40 pounds of water weight after she gave birth.

Then she turned to Jenny Craig — the diet program that has had a number of celebrity spokeswomen, including Sarah Rue, Valerie Bertinelli and Carrie Fisher.

Carey achieved remarkable success through a combination of diet and exercise. The singer lost 30 pounds since she started the plan on July 22, according to her website.

She is now the latest lead spokesperson for the program, which is now known simply as “Jenny.”

Asked whether she hated it when the media made much of her weight gain during her pregnancy, she replied: “If they want to rag at me for looking like a huge boat, like that wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t help it. Carrying two human lives inside me and doing the best I could. What am I going to do?”

As for whether she’s close to her goal weight, Carey seems to define it by her famous music videos.

“Honestly because it’s so much like do I fit into my shorts from the “Fantasy” video, OK, I’m good. And I have those things. Honestly it’d be like the “Heartbreaker” video, do I fit into these jeans? “Touch My Body.” “Touch My Body’s” the goal,” she said.

Another of Carey’s hits, “Make It Happen,” will be featured in her commercials for Jenny.

“The ‘Make It Happen’ song resonates with people because it comes from a real place. I had to push through a lot of adversity in my life and this is just the next chapter,” she said.