Michael Jackson’s Unheard Past: Pranks and Cleaning Sprees with Second Family

Frank Cascio, as a teenager, and Michael Jackson.

Can you picture Michel Jackson showing up at your doorstep and cleaning your house, or giggling while throwing a bucket of water over unsuspecting dinner guests?

It was the Michael most people never saw, and the man that Frank Cascio, Jackson’s decades-long friend turned business associate, knew best.

Cascio spent twenty years with Jackson, on the road and in Cascio’s New Jersey home, where Jackson was part of his family. Cascio writes about their time together in his new book, My Friend Michael,  on sale now.

Cascio sat down for a series of interviews with ABCNews.com. First, he talked about the fun times:

Check back next week for Cascio’s revelations about working with Michael Jackson, his messy finances, the real reason Jackson married Debbie Rowe, and Cascio’s message to Jackson’s fans.

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