Prince Harry Spends First Thanksgiving Partying in Vegas, Renting a Harley

While Americans prepare to enjoy their turkey and stuffing this Thanksgiving, it appears that Prince Harry has been enjoying some of the best debauchery the United States has to offer.

In a cell phone video obtained by TMZ, the prince was seen in a Las Vegas night club, chatting to a lady and sipping on a cocktail.

“Las Vegas. Prince Harry. That’s a match made in heaven, isn’t it?” said Duncan Larcombe, an editor for the U.K.’s  Sun and an ABC News contributor.

For Harry, Vegas is the party prince’s perfect habitat. He was, apparently, amazed to learn that they serve free booze at the blackjack tables.

He took in a show – Cirque du Soleil’s “O at the Bellagio” — gambled away $300 and during the day, Harry rented a Harley Davidson and hit the highway.

“One of Harry’s great passions in life are motorbikes,” Lancombe said.  ”When he’s in London he zooms all about the city with a visor down. No one can tell who he is.”

This wasn’t quite “Easy Rider.” His security detail followed on four wheels.

Harry, who is a member of the Royal Air Force,  is in the U.S. learning to fly attack helicopters before he is sent back to fight in Afghanistan.

“Military top brass are going to let him,” Lamcombe said. “We expext that to happen next year.”

Giving himself a little R&R before he heads back to war – nothing wrong with that. But rumor has it that Harry is spending this Thanksgiving weekend in Los Angeles, so if you see a redhead on  a motorcycle, give him a wave. Oh, and lock up your daughters.