Alicia Silverstone's Son Lands on Worst Celebrity Child Names List

Alicia Silverstone, bad namer of babies.

Unless you're a huge Alicia Silverstone fan, chances are likely that you won't name your next child after her baby boy, if a new poll is any indication. Her son, Bear Blu Jarecki, shares the dubious title of the "worst celebrity boy's name" of 2011 with Moroccan Cannon, one of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's twins. The "Clueless" actress and her husband, Christopher Jarecki, welcomed their first child on May 5.

The daughter of former "Top Chef Just Desserts: contestant Tania Peterson, Zuzu Audrey Peterson, "won" the vote for the "worst celebrity girl's name" of the year. Peterson and her husband, Phil Peterson, became parents of little Zuzu in late January.

The "best celebrity boy's name" of 2011 is Mason Evan Smith, the son of R&B artist Ne-Yo and girlfriend Monyetta Shaw.  The "best celebrity girl's name" belongs to Willow Sage Hart, the daughter of pop star Pink and motorcycle racer Carey Hart.