Michelle Duggar's Message to 'Baby Number 21'

Michelle Duggar with her husband Jim Bob. (Kris Connor/WireImage)

Michelle Duggar wants her stillborn baby, Jubilee, to know "you were not loved any less because you were baby number 21."

Duggar shares her message of love for the "precious baby girl" she miscarried earlier this month in an  "audio letter" posted on the Duggar family website. When asked how many children she has, "the answer will be 21. Nineteen here, and two in Heaven," she says in the message.

Duggar's second pregnancy also resulted in a miscarriage.

The Duggars, stars of the TLC show "19 Kids and Counting," have been criticized for having so many children, especially after their youngest daughter, Josie, was born severely premature. Michelle Duggar says in the message that "We do not believe that babies are a bother, a headache or a financial-drainer or a career-interrupter," she says. "We love babies."

She says  Jubilee was loved and wanted by the whole family, and lists all the things she will miss, including "watching you grow up and learn" and "doing mommy things with you and for you."

The message is posted with the headline "Jubilee Shalom Duggar - December 11th, 2011. You Are Loved and Missed!" and a still photo of Michelle holding Jubilee's tiny hand.

That image is among the photos of stillborn baby Jubilee that was handed out at her memorial service and released to the public. A representative for the family said at the time that the photos, taken by the nonprofit Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, were intended for the family's private use.

In her message, Duggar says the name Jubilee Shalom means "joyful celebration of peace" and that the baby will serve as a reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of family.