Prince Harry May Testify in Robbery He Helped Foil

Prince Harry may soon appear in a London courtroom after coming to the aid of a friend being robbed.

The 27-year-old prince was on the phone with childhood friend Thomas van Straubenzee, 28, around 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 30 when van Straubenzee's mobile phone was stolen.

Overhearing the robbery, Harry, with his security guard in tow, drove to where he believed van Straubenzee was calling him from, Battersea, in south-west London.  When he could not find his friend there, Harry went to the local police station, where, palace officials confirm, he gave a witness statement.

Police recovered van Straubenzee's phone and arrested a man in connection.  He has been released on bail and will appear in court in January, where he may face the prince.

"He will do whatever he needs to do on behalf of his friend to bring the alleged criminals to justice," a representative for Clarence House, Prince Harry's residence, told T he Daily Express .  "He would do whatever he's asked to do."

British media report Harry's actions are believed to be the first time a senior member of the royal family has walked into a police station and reported a crime.

Harry, an army helicopter pilot, recently returned to England from a two-month stay in the U.S. where he underwent an intense Apache helicopter training in California and Arizona.

His latest heroics in London place him in the royal-to-the-rescue footsteps of his older brother, Prince William, who came to the aid of Russian sailors last month.  The prince was co-piloting one of the helicopters that carried to safety several Russian sailors who were stranded in the Irish Sea after their cargo vessel broke up in rough waters and sank, leaving at least one crew member dead.

"They're action boys," Dickie Arbiter, former press secretary to William and Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, told ABC News of England's next-in-lines to the throne.

"It's the sort of thing that Harry would do," he said.  "Harry's a tough guy, tough nut to crack."