Tim Tebow Is the Most Wanted Celeb Neighbor, 'Jersey Shore' Cast Is the Least

Would you like to live next door to Tim Tebow?

If you could have a celebrity as a neighbor, whom would you choose? According to the fifth annual Zillow Celebrity Neighbor Survey, 11 percent of participants would like to be neighbors with Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow in 2012.  Celebrity couples Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux received 10 percent and 9 percent of the vote, respectively.

The least desirable neighbor of 2011 is the cast of the reality show " Jersey Shore," with 28 percent of the vote. This is the second year in a row they achieved that dubious distinction. Twenty-one percent of respondents said Charlie Sheen would be the worst neighbor, and in third place is Lindsay Lohan, who got 14 percent of the vote.

The Most Desirable Neighbors for 2012:

* Tim Tebow, 11 percent. * Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, 10 percent. * Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux, 9 percent. * Jennifer Lopez, 6 percent. * Beyoncé & Jay-Z, 5 percent. * Nancy Grace, 4 percent. * Kim Kardashian, 4 percent. * Other, 11 percent. * None of the above, 42 percent.

The Worst Neighbors of 2011:

* " Jersey Shore" cast, 28 percent. * Charlie Sheen, 21 percent. * Lindsay Lohan, 14 percent. * Kim Kardashian, 13 percent. * Nancy Grace, 3 percent. * Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, 3 percent. * Anthony Weiner, 2 percent. * Other, 2 percent. * None of the above, 14 percent.